University Pathways

PATHS is a 4-year college access program that works with students from low-income schools and communities, providing them with support from their first day of 9th grade until their first day of college, ensuring that they are successful in their educational path.

Success in education is more than just good grades; success means being prepared both academically and socially, developing a cultural identity, and cultivating a sense of belonging within the wider community. PATHS believes the interconnected pathway between institutions of higher education, communities, school districts, and college bridge programs is vital for success.

Our Students:

The majority of PATHS students identify as immigrants, refugees, or Dreamer (undocumented students with and without DACA). It is the goal of PATHS to assist our students in succeeding both in high school and college, and ultimately contribute to the 21st century workforce.

Strategic Goals:

PATHS will work to:

  • Increase high school graduation rates of our students.
  • Prepare students for higher education and build bridges to existing college first-year programs.
  • Shine a light on the strengths of each individual student and their achievements.
  • Provide a sense of belonging through ongoing engagements with PATHS students and their communities.
  • Develop meaningful and engaging programming that reflects our students’ cultures, encourages social justice, and develops self-advocacy.
  • Create connections and personal experiences on which PATHS students can draw to be successful.

Partners & Collaborators

PATHS is a high-impact program that utilizes existing University of Utah Resources to achieve our mission. We are actively working to support the University’s strategic goals of increasing access to higher education and engaging communities across the valley.

We ensure our collaborations are successful by:

  • Establishing relationships that align with PATHS mission and values.
  • Leveraging partner expertise to create enriching and transformative experiences.
  • Utilizing established resources at the University of Utah to create more opportunities for PATHS students.
  • Operating PATHS on an educational model that is student- and community-focused.

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Paths Students learning in class

I learned how to collaborate with others and had the opportunity to meet new people. PATHS helped me to not be afraid of asking questions about anything, and helped me develop confidence.” - Current PATHS Student, Class of 2021