PATHS 4-Year Road Map
University Pathways

How PATHS Works

PATHS provides hands-on learning opportunities throughout the summer and school year. Besides building skills that universities and future employers are looking for, students are given the opportunity to explore the University of Utah and forge connections with their peers. Students dive into important grade level competencies and milestones in three key areas: Education & Career Exploration, Leadership & Teamwork and Research & Writing.

PATHS focuses on imagining, learning, and then doing. And it all begins in 9th grade:


Education & Career Exploration Leadership & Teamwork Research & Writing Success
9th grade cohort Jump Start:
Hands-on activities with U of U departments allow students to interact with faculty and U students to gain a better understanding of future majors and careers.
Conquer Your Fears:
Students will prepare for their first day of high school by attending workshops on self-advocacy, good study habits, and developing a healthy social life.
Writing 101:
Students will enhance their writing skills by reviewing the basics of essay writing from constructing a thesis sentence to utilizing and citing sources.
I am successful when...
I am prepared and confident for the first day of school. I know how to manage my classes, homework, and social life.
10th grade cohort Your Career:
Students will discover how their interests & skills translate into an education and career. During Career Day students will meet with professionals from the nonprofit, private, & government sectors.
Get Involved:
Students will become active members in their schools and communities by getting involved in service and extracurricular activities. Students will work on their time-management & leadership skills.
Infographic & Media Literacy:
Learn how to access, analyze & evaluate media. Students will practice concise & clear writing through creating an infographic.
I am successful when…
I utilize the resources in my school & community. I am stronger writer by being able to identify & articulate information.
11th grade cohort ACT Prep Course:
Students will review all 4 topics of the ACT to increase performance. This course will help strengthen students’ confidence & knowledge heading into the test.
Through participation with campus and community partners, students will gain practical work experience and help connect academic studies to careers.
Persuasive Writing:
Students will learn the importance of creating and framing an argument in an effort to develop proficiency in analysis and communication.
I am successful when…
I am prepared to take the ACT, including the writing section. I also am working on building my resume.
12th grade cohort College 101:
Visit college campuses & find the best fit for you. Students will learn about financial aid/scholarship opportunities and how to be self-sufficient.
Shaping your community:
Students will take their senior year to give back through mentorship. Play an active role in mentoring other youth.
Writing for Scholarships & College Admission:
Students will craft their college admission essay & apply for scholarships. Students will create a college pathway plan.
I am successful when…
I have options to pursue to help me pay for and be self-sufficient in college. I have also established the criteria for which colleges fit my interests and needs.
Freshman Year Transition into a first-year bridge program