PATHS Impact
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  Education can be a tool to empower others. By showing others that being “educated” has its benefits it’ll push them to work hard. Education increases your ability to comprehend things and gives you a voice. Even though I am still not sure of the profession I want to be a part of, I know that whatever I become I will never forget about my community and where I come from, and I will always return. I’ll use my education to empower others, to show them that anything is possible.”

Teresa, class of 2021


PATHS’ impact doesn’t end with our students; we also affect our local and campus communities:

venn diagram of students community and campus
PATHS Students

PATHS currently serves 50 students in 10 high schools throughout the state. Our students come from around the valley, from different cultures, backgrounds and experiences. The majority of PATHS students will be first-generation college students, meaning they will be the first ones in their family to attend college.

PATHS students attend:

  • West High School
  • East High School
  • Granger High School
  • Hunter High School
  • Kearns High School
  • Juan Diego High School
  • Salt Lake Center for Science Education
  • AMES Academy
  • MANA Academy
  • American Prep Academy

What our students are saying about PATHS:

 I learned about writing, teamwork, coming out of my comfort zone, and how to do a good project.” - 9th Grade, Class of 2022

 The people here have already become my family after two days.” - 9th Grade, Class of 2022

 PATHS is a program that provides you with help and resources to get you through high school and prepare you for college by experiencing the college life early on. Along with that you have a lot of fun and are a part of exciting activities. You get to meet new people and create great friendships” - 10th Grade, Class of 2021

 PATHS is a life changing experience that brings so many opportunities and opens many doors and it's another family - that how close we are.” -10th Grade, Class of 2021

 I loved bonding with my friends and also talking and exchanging short talk with everyone. It's nice because it's not like this with others at school.” - 10th Grade, Class of 2021

PATH students in anatomy class