Advanced Professional Management Certificate

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Building on the foundational skills from our Professional Management Certificate, this certificate program includes 6 tactical-oriented classes to provide students with the tools to increase their organizational impact.

Courses will provide students with greater understanding about the principles of management, crucial business tracking processes, and team management and development. The certificate places an important emphasis on understanding and displaying organizational data and the importance of making decisions as a manager based on relevant data. Students will gain skills in managing people and processes by learning from industry professionals in coaching, data analysis, data visualization, and team management.

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Upcoming Classes

Class Title Next Start Date
Managing Your Team Through Change Notify me!
Feedback, Expectations, and Delegation for Effective Managers 06/27/2019
Data Driven Decision Making Notify me!
KPIs and Metrics to Maximize Organizational Impact Notify me!
Coaching for Success Notify me!
Data Visualization Fundamentals Tableau Notify me!

This certificate is ideal for employees who are either new to management or want to polish and update their existing managerial skills. Tactical and managerial classes build well on the Professional Management Certificate.

Who should take this certificate?

This certificate is designed for a variety of individuals:

  • Individuals from any functional area who want to gain exposure to professional management principles to assist them in adding value and impact in their current role.
  • Individuals who want to make a transition into a management or supervisor position.
  • Individuals who are already working in a managerial role but would like to enhance their current skill set.

2 years of experience in a business environment suggested.

Required courses:   6

Total hours of instruction:   44

Schedule:    All certificate courses will be offered in spring, summer and fall semesters. Most classes will be held during the day.

Format:   Classes are held in an in-person format with experienced instructors from local organizations. Classes can be taken as part of the certificate or individually.

Location:   Classes will be held at the University of Utah Sandy Campus .

Required courses Held in: Fall Spring Summer
Feedback and Expectations
KPI’s and Metrics to Maximize Organizational Impact
Data Visualization Fundamentals Tableau
Data Driven Decision Making
Managing your Team Through Change
Coaching for Success

Other certificate details

  • Sequencing requirements – students may take the above classes in any order they like.
  • Pre-requisites – there are no prerequisites for any of the courses for this certificate.
  • Computer access– Personal laptops will be required for Data Visualization Fundamentals in Tableau. For all other classes laptops are not required but may be brought to class for note taking
  • Time to complete– students may take up to 2 years to complete all required courses.

Certificate Completion Requirements

  • Satisfactory grade in all required courses.
  • Individual classes may have projects to complete during the class to earn a satisfactory grade which will be communicated in the class syllabus.


All certificate students will receive a satisfactory or unsatisfactory grade at the conclusion of each class and the certificate program. Requirements to achieve a satisfactory grade will be detailed in the class syllabus.

Attendance Policy

Students are expected to be engaged for the full length of each class.

More information including drop policy here.

Feedback and Expectations – PROEA 415

In this course, students will learn skills needed to be an effective manager by understanding methods of giving and receiving feedback from a supervisor perspective. The students will also learn skills in developing, maintaining and discussing expectations with their employees, and understand the importance of, and best ways to approach, delegating work in a way that is respectful, conducive, and challenging for employees.

KPIs and Metrics to Maximize Organizational Impact - PROEA 430

In today's business world, we have access to more data and statistics than we have ever had before. However, often times, managers don't take full advantage of the data available to them. A high performing and high reliability manager will use all tools available to them, including past experience, and most importantly data to make the right decision. Though leaders at all levels may benefit from this class, this course was designed specifically for new managers, who would like to learn how to use metrics to drive operational effectiveness. This course will better prepare managers to be better leaders by teaching them how to make sound business decisions by taking advantage of the data available to them. In addition, students will learn how to present data effectively to a variety of audiences.

Data Visualization Fundamental Tableau - PROEA 440

Communicating insights through data visualizations remains a critical but rare skill in today's world. When done properly, data can tell a story that deepens understanding and prompts strategic action. Advancements in technology have created powerful visualization tools that go far beyond traditional Excel tables and charts. One of the most popular and preeminent visualization tools available is Tableau, which offers a user-friendly platform to create dynamic visualizations that can be utilized by a variety of skill levels -- from analysts to managers. Positioned towards new users to Tableau, this course explores the fundamentals of data visualization techniques with Tableau. In addition to the practical knowledge of working with Tableau, students will learn the best practices of data visualization.

Data Driven Decision Making - PROED 430

Data-driven decision management (DDDM) is an approach to business governance that values decisions that can be backed up with data that can be verified. Making team or business decisions should involve more than just your gut! This course will provide an introduction to data-driven decision making and answer such questions as: What are the benefits of using data to guide organizational and team decisions? What are the costs of not using data? Why are metrics so important? What must be done before you can hope to select meaningful metrics? What makes a metric useful? How do I make sense out of all this data? What do I do when the data tells me there is a problem? How can I effectively communicate what I learn from data to others in my organization? This course is great for managers, leaders, project managers, accountants, and anyone who wants to get a better understanding of how to use data to make better decisions. We encourage you to fill out a personal action plan to share with your manager. We have found when management understands the value of professional development it increases the support employees need to continue their studies.

Managing Your Team Through Change - PROED 440

For those managing or supervising teams, you know that organizational change, whether perceived to be positive or negative, can be difficult and have a detrimental impact on morale and productivity. The good news is that there are tools and techniques for helping your team move through change effectively. This class will provide a solid introduction to the stages of change management and common reactions you might see in your team. You’ll also learn best practices for communicating with your team before, during and after change cycles to help build trust and mitigate non-productive behaviors. You will develop the skills needed to make sure your staff feel heard and engaged through the process and ultimately, help them understand the benefits of change.

Coaching for Success - PROED 766

Come learn practical skills for using a coaching approach to create team success. Coaching is about empowering others through creating awareness and supporting action and accountability. Participants will learn a coaching model that can be applied in support of performance improvement, mentoring and accountability. Participants will leave with skills that can be applied immediately with direct reports, peers and clients.

Certificate Instructors

Instructors for this certificate have been selected based on their professional experience, education, and ability to teach in a dynamic and engaging manner. Each of the instructors brings unique experience from coaching, management, executive management, and marketing professions. These instructors are all engaged in their fields and will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to this program.

(instructors may change depending on availability)

Mike Martineau
Director of Institutional Analysis
Universtiy of Utah

mike martineauDr. Mike Martineau currently serves as the Director of Institutional Analysis at the University of Utah where he leads the teams responsible for official reporting and analytics for the Institution. For the past 9 years, he has lead institutional efforts in the areas of predictive analytics, data visualization, and communicating data in a non-boring way. In short, his work helps give data a voice. Dr. Martineau received his B.A., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in Economics from the University of Utah. He is a husband, father, and adjunct professor in the Department of Economics. Dr. Martineau is a fan of the Utah Jazz, Formula One racing, and most taco stands.

Jeanine Wilson
Director of Human Resources
Sutter Physicians Services

Jeanine WilsonJeanine Wilson has worked in the Human Resources field for 25 years. She has worked in hospitality, finance, benefits management, broadcasting, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and medical device industries. Jeanine is currently owner of Corporate Talent Advisors, a full service HR consulting, training, and recruiting company. Jeanine has a Bachelor’s Degree in Human & Organizational Development from Westminster College in Salt Lake City, a Masters in Human Resources from Utah State University, and she has achieved an SPHR certification from SHRM and HRCI. Jeanine was the 2005 President of the Salt Lake SHRM Chapter and currently sits on the Utah SHRM State Council..

Matt Hilburn
VP of Research and Marketing
Economic Development Co. of Utah

matt hilburnMatt is a data scientist and econometrician who conducts studies for organizations to find needed answers and to inform policy or marketing efforts. He also works with the State of Utah, cities, and counties to assist them in their economic development efforts.

Matt uses advanced statistical analysis and machine learning in his research, including supervised learning (classification and regression) and unsupervised learning (clustering and dimensionality reduction). He employs techniques such as: discrete choice conjoint analysis (using Hierarchical Bayesian Estimation), multinomial logit, probit, cluster analysis, factor analysis, key driver analysis, ARIMA, etc. He primarily uses Qualtrics, R, STATA, and Statistica to collect and analyze data, but also is familiar with SAS and SPSS, and teaches courses in statistics, data analysis, and Excel at the University of Utah.

Matt also has ten years management experience including employee training, performance evaluations, and disciplinary action.

Debbie Stone
HR/OD Consultant

debbie stoneDeborah Stone has over 24 years of HR experience, working with corporations, government agencies and non-profit entities. She has consulted on Human Resource issues with both small start-ups and multinational corporations and has worked with both public and private sector employers to improve their interpersonal and management skills. Debbie has also helped companies develop effective succession plans for a broad range of key contributors. She has provided compliance training nationally to help companies understand their legal obligations as employers.

Debbie’s background includes working as the Human Resources Director for several large law firms in Washington, D.C. and Salt Lake City, Utah before starting her own HR consulting firm in 1996. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and in History, graduating magna cum laude from George Mason University in Virginia in 1986. She was certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) in 1993, and has an MS in Management with an HR specialization. Debbie is an active member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), serving in 2002 as a President of the Salt Lake Chapter of SHRM.

Trigena Halley
Peak Performance

trigena halleyTrigena H. Halley is the founder and owner of Peak Performance CCT, LLC. She has 20+ years of corporate experience with professional coaching, consulting and training. During her tenure in the corporate sector Trigena held various global leadership positions in corporate training, quality and performance consulting, with a focus on talent development, strategy execution, achievement of financial goals and client satisfaction. Trigena specializes in executive and leadership coaching, performance improvement, development of leaders and working with organizations to employ a sustainable coaching culture. Her experience spans service, non-profit, manufacturing, corporate, faith-based and educational organizations. Trigena has significant experience training groups as well as facilitating and coaching groups and intact work teams. She has led the development and implementation of leadership and technical training programs for several global corporate clients.

Trigena is the co-author of A Coach Approach to Leadership: Enhancing Performance, Empowering Others. She has a Master of Arts in Communication Consultancy and a Bachelor of Science in Marketing both from Oklahoma State University. She is also a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Steve Chambers
General Manager and Vice President
Patient Access Solutions

steve chambersAs the General Manager and Vice President of Patient Access Solutions (PAS), Steve Chambers oversees all operations and business development opportunities for the Patient Service Center, a 24/7 contact center. He was previously the Senior Director of Operations for PAS, and brings with him almost 20 years of contact center experience. Steve has also held roles in process improvement, project management, information services, and consulting in the satellite, telecommunications, pharmacy, and healthcare industries, giving him a wealth of experience in expanding patient access and delivering a superior patient experience. Steve is a current member of the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) and the Project Management Institute (PMI). He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Business from Utah State University and an MBA with an emphasis in Technology Management from Walden University in Minneapolis.

Program Cost - Tuition for the full certificate is $1810 + $25 administrative fee.

Tuition for individual classes is as follows:

PROEA 415: Feedback and Expectations $279
PROEA 430: KPIs and Metrix to Maximize Organizational Impact $ 279
PROEA 440: Data Visualization Fundamental in Tableau $415
PROED 430: Data Driven Decision Making $279
PROED 440: Managing Your Team Through Change $279
PROED 766: Coaching for Success $279

  • Tuition is due at the beginning of each course offering a pay-as-you-go option. Tuition listed above is for the 2018-2019 academic year and subject to change without advance notice.
  • Financial aid is not available for this noncredit certificate. Students are encouraged to inquire with their employers to determine if tuition assistance is available.
  • For this certificate, installment plans and deferral payment plans are available for noncredit students. Visit Tuition Payment Options for more information.

Why choose the University of Utah?

We understand that you have a choice when it comes to taking professional development courses and we work hard to earn your trust with each and every class!

By selecting the University of Utah, you’ll enjoy the following benefits whether you’re coming to us as someone new to the job market, a career changer, a seasoned professional or a lifelong learner.

Resume Power - Benefit from the University of Utah reputation for credibility and quality. Choosing the University of Utah for your certificate program makes a clear statement about your commitment to excellence.

Instructor Excellence - Learn from instructors with real world experience and professional credentials.

The Power of the U Network – Students have access to a valuable University of Utah peer and faculty network.

Networking – Meet and network with other students pursuing or working in the industry.

Student Support – Count on the ongoing support of a dedicated student services staff that will assist you every step of the way.

#1 - Register for the Certificate

Registration for this certificate, and payment of the $25 nonrefundable fee, signifies the intent to complete all courses associated with this certificate program. Fees cover additional student services provided for our certificate students.

#2 - Register for your Certificate Classes

Once you’ve registered for the certificate and received a confirmation from our team, you may begin to register for individual certificate classes.

  • Certificate students will register themselves for classes.
  • You may take as many classes during a semester as desired.
  • Students have two years to complete all certificate classes.
  • Payment for classes is required at the time of registration.
  • Classes may be taken individually or as part of the certificate.
  • Students may also enroll in the certificate after they’ve begun taking classes but must register as a certificate student to receive their certificate of completion.

Certificate Completion Requirements

  • Students must receive an “S-Satisfactory" grade in all classes for successful completion.

How is my accomplishment recognized?

  • A certificate is awarded upon satisfactory completion of all required courses
  • The completed certificate will appear on University of Utah official transcripts
  • Students will also be awarded a University of Utah digital credential that can be shared on social media sites and used with other professional resources.
  • Upon completion of all required classes students then will fill out the Completed Certificate Request Form. Once the form is received confirmation of your completion will be verified, Certificate and digital credential will then be issued to student 10-14 days after form is received.

Digital Credentials / Badges

advanced professional management badge

University of Utah digital credentials (badges) can be shared on social media sites and used with other professional resources. Digital badges are embedded with metadata that validate the skills demonstrated and other requirements for earning the badge. Find out more about Digital Badges at the University of Utah »

Are there exams? Am I graded?

There are no exams. Certificate classes are graded with a "satisfactory" or "unsatisfactory" option. For successful certificate completion, students must achieve a "satisfactory" grade in all classes.

Can I apply these classes to a degree at the University of Utah?

This certificate is noncredit and cannot be applied to any for-credit degree.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of classes a student may take in a semester?

There are no minimums or maximum number of class restrictions for students. The certificate must be completed within two years.

Will I have flexibility in what classes I take and when?

Once admitted, students are responsible for enrolling in individual classes on their own through the Professional Education website. Students may consult with the certificate program manager if they have questions about specific courses. (See contact us section)

Are these classes eligible for federal financial aid?

Students pursuing a certificate are considered "non-degree seeking," a status that is not eligible for federal student aid loan programs.

Does it matter which course I take first or in what order I take the classes?

Classes may be taken in any sequence. Please contact the program manager with questions.

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