Professional Management Certificate

Professional Management

Improve your career options with a Professional Management Certificate

The Professional Management Certificate includes 6 dynamic and engaging courses that will help any working professional broaden their understanding of team management and their ability to develop collaborative and effective teams in a business environment.

Courses will provide students with greater understanding about the fundamental principles of conflict management, communication tactics across teams and managing generational diversity.

Students will be given insight into applying these principles of management while working in teams where they may encounter real world challenges such as competing interests and values.

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Upcoming Classes

Class Title Next Start Date
Conflict Resolution in the Workplace Notify me!
Building Teams of Trust, Collaboration, and Results Notify me!
Leading from a Position of Limited Power Notify me!
Communicating with People and Teams Notify me!
Identify and Develop Your Influence and Management Style 11/20/2019
Managing Generational Diversity 11/20/2019

This certificate is ideal for employees who are either new to management or want to polish and update their existing managerial skills.

Who should take this certificate?

This certificate is designed for a variety of individuals:

  • Individuals from any functional area who want to gain exposure to professional management principles to assist them in adding value and impact in their current role
  • Individuals who want to make a transition into a management or supervisor position
  • Individuals who are already working in a managerial role but would like to enhance their current skill set

Experience in a managerial or supervisor role is not required.

Required courses:   6

Total hours of instruction:   42

Schedule:    All certificate courses will be offered in spring, summer and fall semesters. Most classes will be held during the day.

Format:   Classes are held in an in-person format with experienced instructors from local organizations. Classes can be taken as part of the certificate or individually.

Location:   Classes will be held at the University of Utah Sandy Campus .

Required courses Held in: Fall Spring Summer
Conflict Resolution in the Workplace
Managing Generational Diversity
Building Teams of Trust, Collaboration and Results
Communicating with People and Teams
Leading from a Postion of Limited Power
Identify and Develop your Management Style

Other certificate details

  • Sequencing requirements – students may take the above classes in any order they like.
  • Pre-requisites – there are no prerequisites for any of the courses for this certificate.
  • Computer access– students may bring a personal laptop to class for note taking but computer access is not required.
  • Time to complete– students may take up to 2 years to complete all required courses.

Certificate Completion Requirements

  • Satisfactory grade in all required courses.
  • Individual classes may have projects to complete during the class to earn a satisfactory grade which will be communicated in the class syllabus.


All certificate students will receive a satisfactory or unsatisfactory grade at the conclusion of each class and the certificate program. Requirements to achieve a satisfactory grade will be detailed in the class syllabus.

Attendance Policy

Students are expected to be engaged for the full length of each class.

More information including drop policy here.

Conflict Resolution in the Workplace PROED 303

No matter your work environment, you likely negotiate conflict every day. Using a combination of lecture, discussion, and exercises, this course will help you understand the issues of conflict, learn effective communication styles, and discover strategies for effective negotiation.

Managing Generational Diversity PROED 439

Generations in the workplace are constantly changing, and with different generations come different communication styles, expectations and priorities. In this course students will learn how to manage having different generations in the work place, and how best to communicate with workers of all ages and develop team growth.

Building Teams of Trust, Collaboration and Results PROED 403

Organizations frequently talk of teams and most organizations are designed to foster groups. This course will examine the differences between these two concepts, and identify philosophies and actions required to create and sustain high-performing teams. Participants will do an assessment of their current team's competency in specific team-success areas and develop an action plan to increase the team's effectiveness and potential. After taking this course, students will be able to identify the principles of teamwork, see teams as a system, and examine the individual and organizational strategies for overcoming the barriers. They will examine tools to increase team performance and create an individual team action plan.

Communicating with People and Teams PROED 409

Communication is the lubricant that keeps a business or organizational engine running. In fact, it is the lifeblood that provides a team with the information and direction necessary to achieve success. This class will cover key principles that will help managers and team leaders facilitate communication in a manner that enhances teamwork and allows business transactions to flow smoothly.

Leading From a Position of Limited Power PROED 404

What do you do when you are responsible for the success or failure of an assignment, but you are not the person in charge? How do you effectively and ethically influence decision makers above, below and beside you? How do you lead from a position of limited power? Successfully leadership from any position is based on trust, teamwork and integrity. In this class, you will learn how to provide effective leadership, especially when you aren't in a position of responsibility. Through instruction, case studies and practical exercises, you will leave this class with tools that you can immediately use in your organization that will make a difference.

Identify and Develop Your Management Style PROED 442

Occasionally, we face work situations where we need to just plain need to be more effective to accomplish the results we want. What skills and concepts do we need to enhance to be more effective? What can we do to improve our own personal management styles to be better, more effective managers in the workplace?

If these questions resonate with you and what you are trying to accomplish, then this workshop is for you. This workshop will focus on understanding how we can better collaborate with people at all levels of the organization. We will discuss personal leadership values, engagement strategies, and styles can help us be more effective managers. We will also culminate the class by developing our own personal leadership model.

Certificate Instructors

Instructors for this certificate have been selected based on their professional experience, education, and ability to teach in a dynamic and engaging manner. Each of the instructors brings unique experience from coaching, management, executive management, and marketing professions. These instructors are all engaged in their fields and will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to this program.

(instructors may change depending on availability)

Scott Stephenson
Leadership and Professional Development Consultant

scott stephenson Scott Stephenson has over 30 years of consulting and facilitating experience in the United States, Europe and Asia helping organizations become more profitable and people more effective. His expertise has allowed him to help public, private, for profit and not-profit organizations become more successful and effective particularly in building specific individual and collaborative team skills. In addition to his many years of consulting experience, Scott has a Bachelor’s degree in economics and a Master of Business Administration.

Sheila Sconiers
Training and Development Specialist
University of Utah

sheila sconiersSheila has more than ten years of experience in employment and career counseling, training, and curriculum design. She is skilled in assessing superior candidates for employment and developing strategies to improve client employability. Sheila builds and develops relationships with businesses to grow a strong workforce. She also has years of experience designing and presenting training materials that prepare individuals to thrive within the workforce using ADDIE and AGILE processes.

Debbie Stone
HR/OD Consultant

debbie stoneDeborah Stone has over 24 years of HR experience, working with corporations, government agencies and non-profit entities. She has consulted on Human Resource issues with both small start-ups and multinational corporations and has worked with both public and private sector employers to improve their interpersonal and management skills. Debbie has also helped companies develop effective succession plans for a broad range of key contributors. She has provided compliance training nationally to help companies understand their legal obligations as employers.

Debbie’s background includes working as the Human Resources Director for several large law firms in Washington, D.C. and Salt Lake City, Utah before starting her own HR consulting firm in 1996. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and in History, graduating magna cum laude from George Mason University in Virginia in 1986. She was certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) in 1993, and has an MS in Management with an HR specialization. Debbie is an active member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), serving in 2002 as a President of the Salt Lake Chapter of SHRM.

Trigena Halley
Peak Performance

trigena halleyTrigena H. Halley is the founder and owner of Peak Performance CCT, LLC. She has 20+ years of corporate experience with professional coaching, consulting and training. During her tenure in the corporate sector Trigena held various global leadership positions in corporate training, quality and performance consulting, with a focus on talent development, strategy execution, achievement of financial goals and client satisfaction. Trigena specializes in executive and leadership coaching, performance improvement, development of leaders and working with organizations to employ a sustainable coaching culture. Her experience spans service, non-profit, manufacturing, corporate, faith-based and educational organizations. Trigena has significant experience training groups as well as facilitating and coaching groups and intact work teams. She has led the development and implementation of leadership and technical training programs for several global corporate clients.

Trigena is the co-author of A Coach Approach to Leadership: Enhancing Performance, Empowering Others. She has a Master of Arts in Communication Consultancy and a Bachelor of Science in Marketing both from Oklahoma State University. She is also a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Jerry Benson
Leadership and Professional Development Consultant
Peak Performance

jerry bensonJerry Benson held the title of Chief Operating Officer for Utah Transit Authority (UTA), the public transit provider to 2.2 million residents of six counties covering nearly 1600 square miles for three years. Jerry led 1700 employees who provide commuter rail, light rail, fixed route bus, paratransit, vanpool and rideshare service to 45 million riders per year. Under Jerry's leadership in December 2005, UTA became the first transit agency to achieve certification to both the ISO 9001 quality management standard and the ISO 14001 environmental management standard. During Jerry's previous tenure as UTA's Director of Human Resources, UTA received the transit industry innovation award for its unique approach to employee participation and collaborative labor relations.

Jerry Benson holds a Master of Human Resource Management and a Ph.D. in Organizational Communication. He is an adjunct professor at the University of Utah, teaching communication, management and public administration. He teaches courses in conflict and negotiation for working professionals and teaches public administration to senior public and non-profit administrators in the university's masters programs in public administration and public policy. He is a board member and past Chairman of the Transit Labor Exchange, and has served as Chairman of both the Labor Relations Subcommittee and the Human Resources Committee of the American Public Transportation Association. He is a board member of Valley Services, a non-profit organization providing employment for people recovering from mental illness.

Program Cost - Tuition for the full certificate is $1674 + $25.00 administrative fee.

Tuition for individual classes is as follows:

PROED 303: Conflict Resolution in the Workplace $279
PROED 439: Managing Generational Diversity $ 279
PROED 403: Building Teams of Trust, Collaboration and Results $279
PROED 409: Communicating with People and Teams $279
PROED 404: Leading From a Position of Limited Power $279
PROED 442: Identify and Develop Your Management style $279

  • Tuition is due at the beginning of each course offering a pay-as-you-go option. Tuition listed above is for the 2018-2019 academic year and subject to change without advance notice.
  • Financial aid is not available for this noncredit certificate. Students are encouraged to inquire with their employers to determine if tuition assistance is available.
  • For this certificate, installment plans and deferral payment plans are available for noncredit students. Visit Tuition Payment Options for more information.

Why choose the University of Utah?

We understand that you have a choice when it comes to taking professional development courses and we work hard to earn your trust with each and every class!

By selecting the University of Utah, you’ll enjoy the following benefits whether you’re coming to us as someone new to the job market, a career changer, a seasoned professional or a lifelong learner.

Resume Power - Benefit from the University of Utah reputation for credibility and quality. Choosing the University of Utah for your certificate program makes a clear statement about your commitment to excellence.

Instructor Excellence - Learn from instructors with real world experience and professional credentials.

The Power of the U Network – Students have access to a valuable University of Utah peer and faculty network.

Networking – Meet and network with other students pursuing or working in the industry.

Student Support – Count on the ongoing support of a dedicated student services staff that will assist you every step of the way.

#1 - Register for the Certificate

Registration for this certificate, and payment of the $25 nonrefundable fee, signifies the intent to complete all courses associated with this certificate program. Fees cover additional student services provided for our certificate students.

#2 - Register for your Certificate Classes

Once you’ve registered for the certificate and received a confirmation from our team, you may begin to register for individual certificate classes.

  • Certificate students will register themselves for classes.
  • You may take as many classes during a semester as desired.
  • Students have two years to complete all certificate classes.
  • Payment for classes is required at the time of registration.
  • Classes may be taken individually or as part of the certificate.
  • Students may also enroll in the certificate after they’ve begun taking classes but must register as a certificate student to receive their certificate of completion.

Certificate Completion Requirements

  • Students must receive an “S-Satisfactory" grade in all classes for successful completion.

How is my accomplishment recognized?

  • A certificate is awarded upon satisfactory completion of all required courses
  • The completed certificate will appear on University of Utah official transcripts
  • Students will be awarded a University of Utah digital credential (badge)
  • Digital Credentials / Badges

    professional management badge

    University of Utah digital credentials (badges) can be shared on social media sites and used with other professional resources. Digital badges are embedded with metadata that validate the skills demonstrated and other requirements for earning the badge. Find out more about Digital Badges at the University of Utah »

Are there exams? Am I graded?

There are no exams. Certificate classes are graded with a "satisfactory" or "unsatisfactory" option. For successful certificate completion, students must achieve a "satisfactory" grade in all classes.

Can I apply these classes to a degree at the University of Utah?

This certificate is noncredit and cannot be applied to any for-credit degree.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of classes a student may take in a semester?

There are no minimums or maximum number of class restrictions for students. The certificate must be completed within two years.

Will I have flexibility in what classes I take and when?

Once admitted, students are responsible for enrolling in individual classes on their own through the Professional Education website. Students may consult with the certificate program manager if they have questions about specific courses. (See contact us section)

Are these classes eligible for federal financial aid?

Students pursuing a certificate are considered "non-degree seeking," a status that is not eligible for federal student aid loan programs.

Does it matter which course I take first or in what order I take the classes?

Classes may be taken in any sequence. Please contact the program manager with questions.

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