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Unlock the transformative power of storytelling and elevate your professional success with our immersive course on Strategic Storytelling for Professional Growth. In today's dynamic business landscape, the ability to captivate, engage, and influence others through compelling narratives is a game-changer. This course empowers you to become a master storyteller, enabling you to connect with audiences, inspire action, and propel your career to new heights.

Immerse yourself in a six-week journey where you will learn the art and science of strategic storytelling guided by our experienced instructor—an experience architect, multi-disciplinary designer, and human-centered design researcher. With a deep understanding of how storytelling shapes experiences, she brings a unique blend of expertise and insights to help you craft narratives that leave a lasting impression.

Throughout the course, you will engage in practical exercises, interactive workshops, and peer feedback sessions, honing your delivery techniques and building confidence as a storyteller. You will gain proficiency in utilizing visual elements, metaphors, and multimedia tools to enhance the storytelling experience and amplify your message.

Upon completion of the course, you will emerge as a strategic storyteller with a compelling personal brand, armed with the skills and confidence to engage, inspire, and make a lasting impact in your professional endeavors.

Enroll now and embark on a transformative journey that will shape your storytelling prowess, enhance your communication skills, and unlock boundless opportunities for success. Let your stories ignite your professional journey today.

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Broken into three sections (design principles, strategic storytelling, and integration of concepts), this course will require 6-8 hours of work per week over the course of six weeks. This course is fully remote with weekly zoom meetings on Wednesday evenings from 7-9 pm in which students will have the opportunity to meet and talk with classmates, ask questions, and receive feedback from the instructor.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop a thorough understanding of the power and importance of story telling in professional settings.
  • Identify and analyze the key elements of a compelling story and their role in engaging audiences.
  • Gain proficiency in crafting and structuring narratives that effectively convey messages and capture audiences attention.
  • Enhance visual storytelling skills by incorporating imagery, metaphors, and multimedia tools to enhance they storytelling experience.
  • Develop the ability to tailor stories to different target audiences, understanding their needs, interests, and motivations.

Tuition: $987


This microcredential is entry-level, with no prerequisites. While all students must complete the same coursework, requirements vary depending on which microcredential option you select.

Total Hours of Instruction: 12 Hours in class with a total of 36 hours of class time and independent study.


Strategic storytelling is a vital skill in today's competitive business landscape, and this course equips mid-career professionals with the necessary tools to excel in this domain. The emphasis on crafting compelling narratives, adapting stories to diverse audiences, and leveraging visual and digital elements sets this course apart. Graduates of this program demonstrate a profound understanding of the power of storytelling and possess the ability to captivate and inspire audiences. Their enhanced communication skills and strategic storytelling acumen make them valuable assets in any industry, enabling them to drive engagement, influence stakeholders, and create meaningful connections.

Receive a digital badge.
Students will be awarded a University of Utah digital badge upon satisfactory completion of all required courses. Find out more about Digital Badges at the University of Utah »

Who Should Attend

Individuals working in marketing analysis, data science, business intelligence, sales, project management, public relations, non-profit will maximize the skills benefitted in this program.

Here's what a customer has to say:
"Taking the Strategic Storytelling course has been a transformative experience for me as a mid-career professional. The course provided me with the skills and knowledge to effectively communicate my ideas and connect with audiences on a deeper level. I learned how to structure my stories, incorporate engaging visuals, and adapt my narratives to different audiences. The practice sessions and peer feedback allowed me to refine my delivery techniques, enhancing my confidence and stage presence. The course also equipped me with digital storytelling strategies, empowering me to amplify my stories and build a strong personal brand. I now approach my professional interactions with a newfound storytelling mindset, leaving a lasting impact and achieving my goals with greater success. This course has truly elevated my communication skills and opened doors for career advancement."

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