Web Design Tools Certificate

This entry level certificate provides students with the quality hands-on web design skills necessary to receive an entry level position or grow within your current position! And…it provides employers with the assurance that the holder has received powerful, fundamental web design training in the creation of static websites. Students completing the program will receive the University of Utah Web Design Tools Certificate.

Please note: This certificate program is in the process of being updated to better serve you in the current job market. Please check back for updated course information.

Required Classes

  • Photoshop Fundamentals Level 1 (EDTEC 452)
  • Photoshop Fundamentals Level 2 (EDTEC 453)
  • Illustrator Level 1 (EDTEC 457)
  • Illustrator Level 2 (EDTEC 458)
  • HTML5/XHTML Coding (EDTEC 459)
  • Cascading Style Sheets Level 1 (EDTEC 475)
  • Cascading Style Sheets Level 2 (EDTEC 476)
  • Dreamweaver Level 1 (EDTEC 455)
  • Dreamweaver Level 2 (EDTEC 456)
  • Web Design: An Integrated Approach (EDTEC 468)


Upcoming Classes

Class Title Next Start Date
Illustrator Level 2 Notify me!
Cascading Style Sheets Level 1 Notify me!
Dreamweaver Level 1 Notify me!
Web Design: An Integrated Approach Notify me!
Illustrator Level 1 Notify me!
HTML5/XHTML Coding Notify me!
Cascading Style Sheets Level 2 Notify me!
Dreamweaver Level 2 Notify me!
Photoshop Fundamentals Level 1 06/05/2018
Photoshop Fundamentals Level 2 06/12/2018
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