Health Professions Academy

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Health Professions Academy

The U Builds Health Professionals! Through the Health Professions Academy, University of Utah Professional Education (ProEd) provides current and future health professionals with the knowledge, skills, certificates and credentials to lead, manage and succeed in a competitive environment. The academy provides certificates and/or credentials in:

  • Personal Fitness Training
  • Sports Nutrition and Performance
  • Medical Coding and Billing
  • Pharmacy Technician

The Health Professionals Academy is also the preferred source for companies and individuals to access hundreds of coaching, consulting and market research professionals to help them build and improve their businesses. Finally, the academy provides membership, continuing education and networking opportunities. Contact us today to begin building yourself, your people and your company!



University Partnership Certificates

Pharmacy Technician Certification — ProEd and UHealth have partnered to offer sponsorships to current UHealth and Clinics employees. To find out more, go to this page.

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Health Professions Academy Online Classes

Class Title
Business Administration and Management Aspects for Personal Trainers - Online
Designing Exercise Prescriptions for Normal/Special Populations - Online
Functional Flexibility, Core, and Balance Training - Online
Health Risk Profiles and Fitness Assessment Techniques - Online
Healthcare Information Technology (IT) Certificate - Online
Introduction to Exercise Science - Level 1 (Anatomy & Kinesiology) - Online
Introduction to Exercise Science - Level 2 (Exercise Physiology) - Online
Introduction to Sports Nutrition & Performance - Online
Medical Administrative Assistant with EHR Certificate - Online
Medical Coding and Billing Certificate - Online
Medical Office Manager Certificate - Online
Medical Transcription Editing Certificate - Online
Nutrition and You: Functional Foods
Nutritional Analysis and Management - Online
Pharmacy Technician Training Certificate - Online
Public Nutrition and Wellness Education - Online
The Science and Biomechanics of Resistance/Weight Training Techniques - Online
Veterinary Assistant Certificate - Online
Weight Management & Nutrition in the Lifecycle - Online
For more information about our Veterans/Military Program, contact Bill Bialcak at 801-589-4179.