Legal Professions Academy

legal professions academy

Legal Professions Academy

The U Builds Legal Professionals! A wide range of career fields including healthcare, engineering, human resources, real estate, and more, demand expertise in a variety of legal subjects. Whether you work in a legal office and want to advance your career, or need to learn the legal side of your chosen profession, Professional Education offers the legal certification you need to take you to the next level. The academy provides certificates and/or credentials in:

  • Advanced Paralegal Topics
  • Legal Nurse Consulting
  • Employment Law
  • Intellectual Property for Engineers
  • Legal Secretary Training
  • Victim Advocacy

We are also pleased to refer our students to the University of Utah Department of Communication to register for the Conflict Resolution Graduate Certificate Program. This is the top program in the State of Utah for Mediation; it fulfills the education requirement for state certification in mediation and for listing on the state court roster of mediators. It also prepares students to take the ethics examination required by the Administrative Office of the Utah State Court to be eligible for listing on their mediator roster. For further information, please visit the Conflict Resolution Graduate Certificate Program.


The academy also provides excellent continuing education and networking opportunities. Contact us today to begin building yourself, your people or your company!

Legal Professions Academy Online Classes

Class Title
Advanced Paralegal Certificate - Online
Employment Law Certificate - Online
Intellectual Property Law for Engineers Certificate - Online
Legal Nurse Consultant Training Certificate - Online
Legal Secretary Certificate - Online
Victim Advocacy Certificate - Online
For more information about our Veterans/Military Program, contact Bill Bialcak at 801-589-4179.