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Day Camps

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All of the camp counselors have been amazing and the days have been packed full of fun!! We are so grateful for such a quality summer camp option. — F. Davenport

Donovan's counselor Hunter was terrific! loved having a male counselor and he was great with kids, really good energy. My kids wanted another week, but we only signed up for 1 -- that's great feedback from kids when they want another week! — D. Smith

Club U Day Camps

Club U Summer Camps take place on the historic grounds of Presidents circle Monday through Friday operating from 8:00am until 3:15pm daily. Each week of Club U is treated as a stand alone experience, so whether a camper is here all summer or just one week, Club U is focused on creating an inclusive and welcoming experience for all participants. Each week is loosely focused around a central theme and most activities will have some connection to a particular subject, however there will be other traditional camp activities such as archery, rock climbing, arts & crafts, and other group games along the way. Campers can expect 2 large all camp field trips each week (typically Monday and Friday) as well as at least one trip to a local swimming pool. Camper groups are comprised of mixed genders and similar ages in order to facilitate and encourage friendships to extend into the approaching school year. Supervision ratios are held in accordance to the American Camp Association's best practices.

Club U Varsity is a very small and focused camp with only 24 spaces available each week.

Club U Camps Pricing
Hours of Care 8:00am - 3:15pm
Weekly Tuition $194 Special Fee $71
Short Week Tuition $155 Special Fee $57

Club U Lounge - The Fun Continues!

Club U Lounge is meant for campers whose families are unable to pick up when daily programming ends. Club U lounge is the perfect way to wind down the fast paced camp day with a relaxed atmosphere to kick back with friends and play some games or focus on some art projects. Club U Lounge runs daily from 3:15pm until 6:00pm. Lounge campers will be provided with a small snack each day before moving into the afternoon’s activities. Activities will be held in the Classrooms of the Life Science Building, or on the cool grasses of Presidents Circle. Each day campers will get to select an activity of their own- be it playing board games with friends, arts and craft activities, reading a book, or simply talking with friends about the adventures in camp that day- Club U lounge is a great place to be! Club U Lounge staff are completely different from the Club Camp staff, so they are fresh in the afternoon ready to engage and entertain lounge campers.


Club U Lounge (extended care)
Hours of Care 3:15pm - 6:00pm
2 Day Tuition $30 Special Fee $5
5 Day Tuition $55 Special Fee $10


Club U Week 3: Calling All Creatures

June 25-June 29

Hold your horses and get ready for a week full of animals! Club U is call all critters from the friendliest farm to the deep sea, and every slithering, scaly thing in between. All week long we'll be appreciating, observing, interacting with, and learning about the animal kingdom in Utah and around the world. Club U will be wild 'n out at Wheeler Historic Farm and the Living Planet Aquarium, and spend the rest of the week answering the call of the wild! Hunt some bugs, watch some hawks, look high, look low, and in between rocks. Come join the Club U pack for an awesome week of animals, including the most curious creature of all...YOU!

Club U Week 4: The Deep End Of Discovery

July 02-July 06

Take the plunge into the week all about the waterful wonders of the world. Dive into action at Cottonwood Heights Recreation Center where you can slide, splash and smile your way into aqua-awesomeness! This weeks electives will leave you drenched in knowledge and fun. Consult a Clever Octopus to create an aquatic art project. Get lost in the clouds when you come to understand the atmospheric awesomeness of the water cycle. Oar are you more of a relax in a canoe type of person? Either way, we've got you covered! Don't miss the final beach bash of the week when Club U takes over Jordanelle Reservoir and the bounce-tastic AQUA x ZONE! We may lie in the desert but there's nothin' dry about this week! Come soak up the the fun with Club U!

Club U Week 5: Mid-Summer....No Bummer

July 09-July 13

We may be midway through summer, but the fun has just begun! This weeks fieldtrips will include a trip to a fabulous fishing hole stocked to the brim with floundering fish. Compete with your fellow anglers to see if you can land a whopper, or tell your parents that you did anyway! Keep this week on the line with a trip to the beach...Provo Beach that is! This beach includes: a ropes course, bowling, giant croquet, and some interstellar laser tag! In between these adventurous outings, Club U will have all sorts of other activities to keep you surfing the smiling sea of summer fun! Create a far-out tie dye, or aim for a bullseye, or reach for the stars on the rock wall - wherever you cast your line you're sure to have a good time!

Club U Week 6: Life is Be-UTAH-ful!

July 16-July 20

When I say, "Utah!" you say, "Rocks!" This week is all about just how rockin' Utah really is! Prance back to pioneer times as you frolic the grounds of This is the Place Heritage Park where you can pan for gold and ride the rails through Utah's history. Throughout the week we'll be swimming, and doing crazy electives such as: balloon bowling, Nature Scavenger hunts, and of course, CASTLE DAY! A Club U Classic, your team will be given mass amounts of cardboard to utilize your boundless creativity as you construct a castle worthy of Kings and Queens! End the week on a peak! Or more specifically, with a deep cave exploration of the hidden gems inside the heart of Mount Timpanogos. This week is sure to blow your bonnet and float your moat, so lace up your boots cause at Club U...this is the place to be!

Club U Week 7: Operation Elevation

July 23-July 27

Up, up and away with all things flying! Grab your ticket for discovery when Club U prepares for departure as we see how high your imagination can soar! We'll takeoff from the Presidents Circle runway and land at Hill Aerospace Museum and learn all about the hundreds of aircrafts on display, the history of the United States Air Force, and Hill Air Force Base right here in Utah. Take a day off to watch some fireworks and then explode back on the scene for some elevated electives- launch a rocket or see if you can engineer an egg crating creation to avoid a dangerous drop! We'll jump our way into the end of the week with a trip to Get Air trampoline gym. There you'll have the chance to bounce, jump, flip and spin your way to new heights of enjoyment. Take part in the epic Camper vs. Counselor Bouncy Dodgeball showdown and see if you can survive long enough to claim victory for your team! So get ready for total elation in this week of elevation- come join the Club U sensation!

Club U Week 8: The Club U-Files

July 30-August 03

Stranger things are afoot on the lawns of Presidents Circle. Something is lurking about campus and is up to some mysterious and mischievous mayhem! Fortunately the Club U Jr Detective Agency is on the Case! Pack your best briefcase and decoder rings and make sure to polish your magnifying glass because this week you won't want to be clueless! The adventure begins at the Museum of Natural Curiosity, where we will let our sense of adventure lead the way. All agents will need to sharpen their sleuthing skills to solve this weeks big mystery, and the elite elective task-force is here to get you into Sherlock shape! Puzzle your way out of the escape room, encrypt secret messages, sketch and mold a monster, or learn the surveillance skills needed to catch the culprit. Then it's time to crack the case as you set out to solve the Club U Mid-Week Mystery! The truth is out there... we just need YOU to uncover the clues and bring this clever criminal to justice! As a reward for your diligent detective work, all agents will receive a rejuvenating trip to our private beach at the Pineview Reservoir Resort where we will wind down the witty week.

Club U Week 9: A Week of Amazing Abilities!

August 06-August 10

Prepare yourself for a week of teamwork, friendly competition, and the testing of your amazing abilities as you join your team and compete with other groups during the 3rd annual Club U Games! This ain't no ordinary olympics- these are the Club U Games- so stuffed full of silliness that even if you come in dead last you'll have a side ache of the giggles! In addition to some exciting and energetic electives this week, we'll be cruising up some of the valley's coolest canyons for some high altitude adventure! Crack out your compasses and blaze a trail up Big Cottonwood as you quest your way to the majestic waters of Lake Mary! You'll also have birds eye view of the valley when you journey up Little Cottonwood canyon for a tremendous tram ride up the marvelous mountain of Snowbird! Adventure is calling, and you had best not be falling! So get in the race and keep up the pace in this week of amazing abilities!

Club U Week 10: Annual Splish Splash Bash

August 13-August 17

Wowzers, what a whirlwind of fun this summer has been! Let's end the summer in true Club U fashion-with a BANG! This week is jam packed with all of your favorite activities of the summer. The week begins with a trip to Kearns Oquirrh Waterpark. We'll zip up to the Zoo to say, "See ya later" to our furry, slimy, squishy animal friends. Midweek, Club U carnival comes back to town and the sweet smell of cotton candy fills the air. We'll cap the summer off with a trip to Cowabunga Bay where we'll load up on unlimited pizza and unlimited fun! Summer may be coming to a close, but the spirit of Club U lives on in each and every one of you! See you for summer 2019!

Here are Club U's past Program Offerings

Club U Week 2: The Fast And The Future-ous!

June 18-June 22

Yo campers, let's ride! Vroom, vroom with Club U into a week focusing on the future. Begin by blasting back to the past for a four wheeled roll 'round the rink of Classic Fun Center. Spend the rest of the week launching into some fast paced and innovative electives-launch a rocket, build a robot, explore the cosmos with researchers from the Astronomy department at the University of Utah. With your tight knit crew assembled, prepare to conquer the galaxy during your mission at the Discovery Space Center. Shift into hyperdrive and don't let this week leave you in the dust!