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Weekly half or full-day content-driven experiences available both in-person and online. Camps are designed to inspire students to explore their unique interests. Camps draw upon the resources of the University of Utah to provide campers ages 6-14 with numerous hands-on learning opportunities in a fun, comfortable, and inclusive environment.

K-8 STEAM Based Learning: Action-packed, Hands-on Experiences
Youth Academy of Excellence: Designed for the Bright and Enthusiastic
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   Our son came home telling us what he did each day and went on-and-on about the mind-blowing experiments and experiences. I mean listening to two, ancient, black holes collide after having gravity waves turned into sound waves? Measuring light waves? Splitting apart H2O? Holy cow! We think he learned more about science in this week than in the past two years of public school. A-MAZ-ING!" - Power of Physics

Turn brain drain into brain GAIN! Brain Drain is a release of skills over the summer months.  If students are not engaged, they have a more difficult time retaining lessons learned throughout the school year.  During summer break, they can forget up to 2 months of academic instruction.  Summer camp has proven to help reduce learning loss in a n environment where students are engaged and have the opportunity for academic enrichment.