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Club U Summer Camp programs are the place to be for children and young adults looking to engage with their community. Inclusive summer programming offers children of all ages opportunities to explore the world around them, while developing 21st century skills enabling them to navigate an ever changing world.

Hosted on the historic grounds of President's Circle, Club U camps serve as a gateway to the abundant resources of the University of Utah and allows young learners an opportunity to connect with the campus community and explore future educational opportunities. Combine all this with an exceptional staff of youth development professionals, Club U Camps are just the place for a sensational summer of growth for the children of today, and the leaders of tomorrow!

Weekly Camps focused on learning, new experiences, and a connected camp community.
Epic fieldtrips, meaningful service learning, assisted independence are just the start for young adults looking for a summer experience unlike any other!
3 week program covering the basics of leadership, opportunities to experience work in the summer camp field,
Offered when school is out for the fall, winter and spring recesses – way better than staying home!

What People Are Saying

We are truly grateful for the Club U day camp experience from so many years! Offering the kids "options" to choose from among 3 was wonderful & helped our daughter feel better "listened to". The leaders were fun, caring, enthusiastic & kind role models of how to live with pluck and willingness to try new things."

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Featured Staff

GarnerGarner Cox
Garner is joining us from Chattanooga Tennessee and stepping in to the role of Club U's Camp Director. He received his Bachelor's in Outdoor Recreation Administration and Environmental Science from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Garner brings a wealth of camp and outdoor programming knowledge having worked for both the YMCA and UTC Outdoors. He has additional training through accredited outdoor institutions such as the ACA, LNT, and NOLS. His passion is connecting youth of all ages to the great outdoors, while providing a safe, engaging, and inclusive environment. He encourages participants, as well as staff, to strive for their goals and push passed preconceived limits. Outside of Club U he enjoys a variety of outdoor adventure activities including rock climbing, mountain biking, whitewater kayaking, and skiing. He's looking forward to a fun and enriching summer in 2019!

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