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Club U Summer Camp programs are the place to be for children and young adults looking to engage with their community. Inclusive summer programming offers children of all ages opportunities to explore the world around them, while developing 21st century skills enabling them to navigate an ever changing world.

Hosted on the historic grounds of President's Circle, Club U camps serve as a gateway to the abundant resources of the University of Utah and allows young learners an opportunity to connect with the campus community and explore future educational opportunities. Combine all this with an exceptional staff of youth development professionals, Club U Camps are just the place for a sensational summer of growth for the children of today, and the leaders of tomorrow!

Weekly Camps focused on learning, new experiences, and a connected camp community.
Epic fieldtrips, meaningful service learning, assisted independence are just the start for young adults looking for a summer experience unlike any other!
3 week program covering the basics of leadership, opportunities to experience work in the summer camp field,
Offered when school is out for the fall, winter and spring recesses – way better than staying home!

What is S.C.I.B.O.

Club U's aim is to help youth develop in five key areas:

  1. Improve specialized skills in science, art, and recreation
  2. Explore the university and become more connected to campus
  3. Demonstrate the ability to positively interact with others
  4. Develop a sense of belonging in the greater community
  5. Learn about the outdoor world and practice taking care of it
These goals are collectively referred to as S.C.I.B.O and are what Club U strives to incorporate in every field trip, elective, and group activity.

painting class

Featured Staff

Karen GillKaren Gill
Karen Gill is so thrilled to be apart of the 2019 Club U Leadership Team as a coordinator. This is Karen's 3rd year at Club U and she has loved every minute of it!

Karen was born and raised in Richmond Virginia and has lived in the Salt Lake Area for about 6 years. Karen is in her second year of studies in Sociology and has a passion for people, cultures and the many ways there are to live this incredible life. Other Professional experience includes: event planning and convention management in Manhattan, New York, Certified Nurse Assisting and Respite Worker for children and teens with special needs!

One of her great true loves is traveling and is an avid explorer! You may also find her taking the stage to either sing or join a local theater production! Other interests include good cinema, Latin dancing, acrylic painting, NBA Basketball (Go Jazz!), audiobooks/books of a wide variety and exercising her curiosity to learn about pretty much anything! She has a fun loving, empathetic and growth-oriented personality that she can't wait to add to the mix for another summer with the, One and Only, Club U Organization!

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