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Club U Summer Camp programs are the place to be for children and young adults looking to engage with their community. Inclusive summer programming offers children of all ages opportunities to explore the world around them, while developing 21st century skills enabling them to navigate an ever changing world.

Hosted on the historic grounds of President's Circle, Club U camps serve as a gateway to the abundant resources of the University of Utah and allows young learners an opportunity to connect with the campus community and explore future educational opportunities. Combine all this with an exceptional staff of youth development professionals, Club U Camps are just the place for a sensational summer of growth for the children of today, and the leaders of tomorrow!

Weekly Camps focused on learning, new experiences, and a connected camp community.
Club U's newest program! Filled with new programming, field trips and opportunties on campus, JV offers exciting adventures for our long-time campers. Returning Summer 2022.
Epic fieldtrips, meaningful service learning, assisted independence are just the start for young adults looking for a summer experience unlike any other! Returning Summer 2022.
3 week program covering the basics of summer camp leadership with an opportunity to work in the summer camp field. Returning Summer 2022.
Experience camp during fall, winter and spring recesses-it’s way better than staying home!! Returning Fall 2021.

What is S.C.I.B.O.

Club U's aim is to help youth develop in five key areas:

  • S: Specialized Skills- Improve skills in science, art and recreation
  • C: Campus- Explore the university and become more connected
  • I: Interact- Demonstrate the ability to positively interact with others
  • B: Belonging- Develop a sense of belonging in the greater community
  • O: Outdoors- Learn about the outdoor work and practice taking care of it
These goals are collectively referred to as S.C.I.B.O and are what Club U strives to incorporate in every field trip, elective, and group activity.

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Club U is coming back!

We are really excited to be allowed to come back to campus this summer! it was truly heartbreaking that we missed out on the opportunity to connect with our friends last summer due to the pandemic, but a LOT has changed since then and there are numerous reasons to smile! Club U will be operating 11 weeks this summer for a much smaller camp community serving the childcare needs of our community for youth ages 5-11. Our program will look and feel different than it has in past years and even from how our weeks are currently described- all youth-serving programs operating on campus this summer are receiving ongoing operational guidance from central Campus leadership to ensure the safety of our campus community. Furthermore, we are still learning about many of our third-party provider's abilities to provide activities in the post-pandemic world - so there will be activities and fun, that may be added late in the game, that are not accurately captured in weekly descriptions. What you can count on is that Club U will be back to provide your camper with a safe place to be this summer where they can connect with peers IN PERSON! Our camp leaders will be there to ensure an engaging and safe environment where campers can develop specialized skills and enjoy the outdoors while exploring the University of Utah Campus! We can't wait to see you and your families this summer!

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