Youth Education Forms
Youth Education

Thank you for registering for class(es) through Continuing Education's Youth Education Program. Please refer to the information below to determine which forms you will need to fill out and submit to Youth Education on or before the first day of class.


Youth Education’s Policies and Procedures

In order to ensure the best possible experience for your child, we ask that you read carefully and adhere to Youth Education’s Policies and Procedures.
Policies and Procedures.

Liability Waivers

All programs (Club U, Campus Camps, Pre-College at the U, and Overnight Camps) are required to complete a Liability Waiver form, once per semester.

Club U, Campus Camps, and Pre-College

Campus Alerts

Stay in the know in any situation. Youth Education encourages all parents and guardians to enroll in the University of Utah Campus Alert system in order to receive important information in the event of emergency situations on campus.

Marketing Disclosure

Parents/Guardians of registered students grant the Youth Education office and co-sponsored camps permission to use any photography and/or video of or written statement made by the student during any Youth Education program for marketing purposes.

Contact Youth Education

Youth Education
University of Utah
540 S. Arapeen Drive #210
Salt Lake City, Utah 84108