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Club U Jr. Varsity

Junior Varsity is the newest addition to your campers Club U experience! We are shaking things up for our 10-11 year old campers and giving them their own program. Junior Varsity will be filled with exciting opportunities for campers to engage more closely with both the University of Utah community and the greater Salt Lake community. Junior Varsity is a great way for campers to transition from Club U to Club U Varsity.


  • Hours of Care: 8:00 am-3:15 pm
  • Location: Presidents Circle
  • Weekly Tuition: $195 Special Fee $110
  • Holiday Week Tuition: $156 Special Fee $110

What to Expect

  • Field Trips and Swimming
  • Skill Development Activities
  • Weekly service projects with local community partners (subject to covid restrictions)

Club U Lounge - The Fun Continues!

Club U Lounge is for campers whose families are unable to pick up when daily programming ends. Lounge is the perfect way to wind down and kick back with friends, play games, or work on art projects. Join us, it’s a great place to be!


  • Hours of Care: 3:15 pm – 6:00 pm
  • Location: President’s Circle
  • 2-day Tuition: $37 Special Fee $7
  • 5-day Tuition: $65 Special Fee $12
  • Holiday Week (4-day): $52 Special Fee $12
What to Expect
  • Each day campers select which activities they want to participate in (board games, arts and crafts, reading a book)
  • Campers receive a small snack during lounge
  • Different counselors from the day camp which ensures the counselors are fresh and ready to engage with campers

Club U Jr. Varsity: Week 4

June 27-July 01

This week's activities include bowling and a swim at Splash Summit.*

Club U Jr. Varsity: Week 5

July 05-July 09

This week's activities include Ice Skating and Boondocks.*

Club U Jr. Varsity: Week 6

July 11-July 15

This week's activities include paddleboats at Liberty Park and a swim at Cowabunga Bay.*

Club U Jr. Varsity : Week 7

July 18-July 22

This week's activities include the Classic Fun Center and the Discovery Space Center.*

Club U Jr. Varsity: Week 8

July 26-July 30

This week's activities include Easely Art Studio and Spruces Campground.*

Club U Jr. Varsity : Week 9

August 01-August 05

This week's activities include Castle Day and Timpanogos Caves.*

Club U Jr. Varsity: Week 10

August 08-August 12

This week's activities include the Living Room Hike and Island Aqua Park.*

Club U Jr. Varsity: Week 11

August 15-August 19

This week's activities include Spanish Fork Animal Park and Cherry Hill waterpark.*

Here are Club U's past Program Offerings

Club U Week 3: Walk On The Wild Side

June 20-June 24

Club U has all the koala-fications to make this week toad-aly entertaining. We will hop on over to Hogle Zoo and begin our paw-some safari to see lions and tigers and bears, oh my! This week you will never be boar-ed because some special animal guests will be coming to campus to teach us all about conservation and how we can be animal allies every day. Finally, the Club U critter crusaders will escape the heat at Provo Beach where there is no shortage of activities for our animal lovers. You otter have a great time in this week of animal adventures.*

*IMPORTANT NOTE: All Club U Varsity service projects are subject to change.

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