Leaders In Training Program
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Leaders In Training Program

Upgrade your skills!

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Learn the skills and language needed to be a successful leader. Gain valuable leadership experience working with your peers and the campers of Club U.

This three week program will equip you with the skills you need to succeed later in life. Learn ways to communicate effectively and manage your time efficiently. Learn the basics of conflict resolution, team building and group dynamics while understanding how these skills are integral in the real world. Learn from guest speakers and team up with youth development professionals in camp when you join the ranks of Club U to lend a hand.

When your training is complete, you will have an indispensable skillset that you can put into use as a Club U volunteer for the remaining weeks of summer, and it could just lead to a job in the future. Don't miss this unique opportunity to make yourself shine as a leader and have a great time in the process!

LIT has come and gone for this season, but check back next summer for your chance to take your skills to the next level.

Leaders In Training

June 11-June 29

Take part in a three-week comprehensive leadership experience with opportunities to work collaboratively with others.Spend time on campus, learning about your leadership style and unique strengths. After developing a solid skill base, apply these leadership skills when you join Club U camps to shadow the counselors and better understand the real life dynamics of leadership in a summer camp setting. Design activities for Club U Campers in the third and final week. Step into the camp experience for a more prominent role and take the reins to lead activities with the campers! After you complete the L.I.T. program, you will have the opportunity to volunteer in Club U as staff aides throughout the summer. And who knows, this may translate into employment next year!