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Club U Varsity is the next level of camp. Designed for 12-14 year olds, campers will experience exhilarating field trips, unique opportunities, and fun that will challenge them in new ways and aid in their development as young adults. Campers will also participate in a weekly service project with a local community partner to better understand the impact these organizations and their volunteers have in making positive changes. Campers will also have the opportunity come up with activities of their own design to add to the fun. Did we mention that Lunch is provided daily? Sure is! Varsity campers dine all over the University of Utah campus and when out and about, Caputo's sack lunches are provided. *Please disclose if your camper is scared of heights or performing certain activities e.g. zip lining, indoor sky diving, etc.

Weekly Varsity Tuition $177 Special Fee $145
Short Week Tuition $146 Special Fee $145

What are People Saying?

  Another great year with Varsity, the activities were engaging and well-organized; the service work was well presented. I enjoyed hearing the counselor talk about the perspectives of individuals with disabilities. My son's favorite camp in all his camp years!"
  My daughter has loved her counselors, fellow campers, the activities and social volunteering opportunities. It's a perfect mix of structure and freedom for her age group."
  Great leaders, kept my son entertained and he had a great time making castles, and making costumes, even at the age of 13. Would recommend this program to everyone. The U continuing education camps are a great way to keep your kids entertained during the summer!! Thank you so much!"
  Great way to get preteens out and serving the community plus making new friends. We really enjoyed this program and will be back next year!"

*IMPORTANT NOTE: All Club U Varsity service projects are subject to change.

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