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Club U Varsity

Club U Varsity is the next level of camp. Designed for 12-14 year olds, campers will experience exhilarating field trips, unique opportunities, and fun that will make all of their friends jealous. Campers will also participate in a weekly service project with a local community partner to better understand the impact these organizations and their volunteers have in making positive changes. Campers will also have the opportunity come up with activities of their own design to add to the fun. Did we mention that Lunch is provided daily? Sure is! Varsity campers dine all over the University of Utah campus and when out and about, Caputo's sack lunches are provided.

Weekly Varsity Tuition $167 Special Fee $145
Short Week Tuition $134 Special Fee $145

Here is a look at what is in store for Varsity’s 2018 Summer

Club U Varsity 3.0

June 25-June 29

This week's field trips include Boondocks and the Aquarium. Service Learning Trip: Ogden Nature Center.*

Club U Varsity 4.0

July 02-July 06

This week's field trips include Cottonwood Heights and Aquazone. Service Learning Trip: Miller Park Cleanup.*

Club U Varsity 5.0

July 09-July 13

This week's field trips include Fast Kart and Provo Beach. Service Learning Trip: Ronald McDonald House.*

Club U Varsity 6.0

July 16-July 20

This week's field trips include Laser Quest and Timpanogos Cave. Service Learning Trip: Homeless Youth Resource Center.*

Club U Varsity 7.0

July 23-July 27

This week's field trips include Provo Canyon Zipline and Get Air Trampoline Park.*

Club U Varsity 8.0

July 30-August 03

This week's field trips include Lagoon and Pineview Reservoir. Service Learning Trip: YWCA.*

Club U Varsity 9.0

August 06-August 10

This week's field trips include iFly and a hike at Lake Mary. Service Learning Trip: Tree Utah Eco-Garden.*

Club U Varsity 10.0

August 13-August 17

This week's field trips include the Escape Key and Cowabunga Bay. Service Learning Trip: Cottonwood Canyon Foundation.*

Here are Club U's past Program Offerings

Club U Week 2: The Fast And The Future-ous!

June 18-June 22

Yo campers, let's ride! Vroom, vroom with Club U into a week focusing on the future. Begin by blasting back to the past for a four wheeled roll 'round the rink of Classic Fun Center. Spend the rest of the week launching into some fast paced and innovative electives-launch a rocket, build a robot, explore the cosmos with researchers from the Astronomy department at the University of Utah. With your tight knit crew assembled, prepare to conquer the galaxy during your mission at the Discovery Space Center. Shift into hyperdrive and don't let this week leave you in the dust!*

*IMPORTANT NOTE: All Club U Varsity service projects are subject to change.