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Subject Catalog Title Semester Location
ED PS 260 Strategies for College Success Fall, Spring Multiple
ED PS 301 Identity and Inclusivity Fall SSB 413
ED PS 561 Change Using Positive Psychology Fall
ED PS 563 Enhancing Happiness and Life Satisfaction Fall
ED PS 565 Quality Intimate Relationships Fall, Spring
ED PS 568 Meditation: Expanding Awareness and Managing Stress Spring
ED PS 569 Change Addictive Thinking Spring
ED PS 570 Changing Children's Behavior Using Positive Methods Fall
ED PS 645 Leadership in Instructional Design and Educational Technology Spring SAEC 3147
ED PS 6010 Statistics and Research Design: Introduction to Fall ST. GEORGE SITE
ED PS 6050 Life Span Development Fall ST. GEORGE SITE
ED PS 6115 Child and Adolescent Behavior Therapy: Advanced Spring ST. GEORGE SITE
ED PS 6200 Counseling Theories and Procedures Fall ST. GEORGE SITE
ED PS 6300 Measurement: Introduction to Spring ST. GEORGE SITE
ED PS 6340 Substance Abuse Counseling Fall ST. GEORGE SITE

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