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Distance Education—Enhancing Online Learning

The Office of Distance Education and Instructional Technology enhances learning experiences by supporting and promoting the University of Utah's integral and integrated technological initiatives.

Staying abreast of current research and innovations in online teaching and learning, we leverage the latest technologies to engage students in non-traditional approaches to learning, such as online, hybrid, and flipped classes. We also look for ways to enhance the traditional classroom setting by creatively using a variety of technologies. Our goal is to engage students in alternative learning experiences that are personally and intellectually challenging.

Continuing Education Programs

Continuing Education provides courses and programs for all people and ages ranging from Youth Education to the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute. Distance Education collaboratively works with the Continuing Education Program Directors to:

  • Evaluate and identify the opportunities to seamlessly integrate technology into specific curriculum across various delivery methods.
  • Advocate and collaborate with faculty and subject matter experts to create and deliver unique classes in online and other formats.
  • Provide support and training in the use of academic technologies that improve teaching and learning in the classroom and distance learning environments.
  • Research and secure third party partnerships to provide best-in-class online programs based on program audience needs.

Learn about all Continuing Education programs here.

Have an online program Continuing Education might be interested in offering? Please fill out our contact form here.

The University of Utah Campus

We help University of Utah entities incorporate technology into system processes and utilize technology to bring great research and expertise to the community. Distance Education collaboratively works with these entities to:

  • Help campus entities move content from traditional formats to more easily accessible formats, including online, video, etc. to improve internal processes such as on-boarding personnel and professional training.
  • Build online and other technology-enhanced noncredit classes to make rich content available to the broader community.
  • To help departments raise awareness and market noncredit classes and certificates to the community.
  • Be a resource for the use of campus learning management systems.

If you are a campus entity and you are interested in learning more about how Distance Education can help your office, please call 801-581-8801 or use our contact form to email us.

The Community

Individuals in the community can attend a number of online classes in a variety of subjects. Get more information on our current online class list here.

Distance Education offers its expertise to organizations in the broader community in a variety of ways, such as research, consulting, and online-training class and program development. If you are interested in traditional classroom format, Professional Education offers open-enrollment classes and custom training. To learn more about how Distance Education can help your organization or business, please call 801-581-8801 or use our contact form to email us.