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Class Title Semester Date(s) Location Program
Backpacking: Autumn Fall Multiple Multiple Academic Noncredit
Backpacking: Desert Fall Multiple BU C 106 Academic Noncredit
Backpacking: Lake Powell Area Fall 9/01/21 - 9/12/21 ST 215 Academic Noncredit
Backyard Birding Summer Online, Starting: 7/17/21 Online Lifelong Learning
Bad Words & Taboo Terms Summer, Fall Multiple Online Academic Noncredit
Badminton: Elementary Fall 8/23/21 - 12/09/21 HPR N 101 Academic Noncredit
Ball/ Core Cardio Summer 5/17/21 - 8/04/21 CANVAS Academic Noncredit
Ballet I for Non Majors Fall 8/23/21 - 12/09/21 CANVAS Academic Noncredit
Barre Tone Summer, Fall Multiple HPR W 106 Academic Noncredit
Bee Keeping Summer Online, Starting: 7/12/21 Multiple Lifelong Learning
Beginning 3D Modeling (Age 12-14) Summer 7/26/21 - 7/30/21 Online Youth Education
Beginning Arabic-Fast! Summer Online, Starting: 5/12/21 Online Lifelong Learning
Beginning Bicycle Maintenance I Summer 5/15/21 - 5/22/21 SLC UT Lifelong Learning
Beginning Bicycle Maintenance II Summer 6/19/21 - 6/26/21 SLC UT Lifelong Learning
Beginning Chromatic Harmonica Summer Online, Starting: 5/10/21 Online Lifelong Learning