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Class Title Semester Date(s) Location Program
Botany for Gardeners Spring Online, Starting: 4/08/21 Online Lifelong Learning
Bowling: Elementary Spring, Summer Multiple UNION 142 Academic Noncredit
Bowling: Intermediate Spring 1/19/21 - 4/27/21 UNION 142 Academic Noncredit
Build a Better Breakfast (Age 11-13) Summer 6/28/21 - 7/02/21 Online Youth Education
Build a Better Breakfast (Age 14-17) Summer 6/21/21 - 6/25/21 Online Youth Education
Build Your Own Bot (Age 11-13) Summer Multiple Multiple Youth Education
Build Your Own Longboard: Custom Boards (Age 14-17) Summer 6/21/21 - 6/25/21 HIGHER GR Youth Education
Build Your Own Longboard: Custom Pintails (Age 12-14) Summer 6/14/21 - 6/18/21 HIGHER GR Youth Education
Building Teams of Trust, Collaboration, and Results Spring Online, Starting: 4/01/21 Online Professional Education
Business Law: The Commercial Environment Spring 1/19/21 - 4/27/21 CANVAS Academic Noncredit
Business Thought: Foundations of Spring, Summer Multiple CANVAS Academic Noncredit
Business Writing Spring, Summer Multiple Online Academic Noncredit
Cake Decorating - Trends and Essentials Spring Online, Starting: 3/13/21 Online Lifelong Learning
Calculus for AP Students II Spring 1/19/21 - 4/27/21 CANVAS Academic Noncredit
Calculus I Spring, Summer Multiple Multiple Academic Noncredit