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Class Title Semester Date(s) Location Program
Canyoneering I: Technical Canyoneering Summer, Fall Multiple Multiple Academic Noncredit
Canyoneering II: Advanced Ropework Fall 9/11/24 - 9/22/24 HPR N 225 Academic Noncredit
Canyoneering III: Self-Rescue Fall 8/27/24 - 9/22/24 HPR N 225 Academic Noncredit
Careers in Biomedical Engineering Fall 8/19/24 - 12/05/24 SFEBB 1110 Academic Noncredit
Cell and Tissue Engineering II: Organ Systems Design Fall 8/19/24 - 12/05/24 WEB L120 Academic Noncredit
Ceramic Sculpting Artists (Age 7-9) Summer 6/18/24 - 6/21/24 SLC UT Youth Education
Chamber Choir Fall 8/19/24 - 12/05/24 DGH 270 Academic Noncredit
Change Using Positive Psychology Summer, Fall Multiple Online Academic Noncredit
Changing Children's Behavior Using Positive Methods Fall 8/19/24 - 12/05/24 Online Academic Noncredit
Chemistry I: General Summer, Fall Multiple Multiple Academic Noncredit
Chemistry II: General Fall 8/19/24 - 12/05/24 SANDY 104 Academic Noncredit
Chess Champions (Age 12-17) Summer 8/05/24 - 8/09/24 HIGHER GR Youth Education
Child Clinical Psychology Fall 8/19/24 - 12/05/24 SANDY 202 Academic Noncredit
Chinese Food Culture Summer 5/13/24 - 6/20/24 FASB 250 Academic Noncredit
Choosing the Right Point of View Summer 6/11/24 UUCE 146 Lifelong Learning