ACT Scholarship Program
Test Preparation

Test Prep’s ACT Scholarship Program was created to provide greater access to the ACT preparation courses. With the help of our scholarships, students who may not otherwise be able to attend a course like this will have the chance to better prepare for the ACT exam.

Scholarships are awarded to students who qualify for the Federal Free and Reduced School Lunch program AND/OR families who demonstrate the need for financial assistance. A scholarship committee will review each application and award scholarships based on how families demonstrate financial need and the quality of the application (including the answers to questions, and the letter of recommendation).

How to Apply – Application and Required Documents

To apply for a Test Prep scholarship, please first complete the online application, and then submit the required materials. The application will not be accepted without the required materials listed below:

  • A letter from a school counselor, teacher, or other school official providing a recommendation. Download Letter of Recommendation Form
  • If applicable, verification of financial need (i.e., Current letter from Free and Reduced Lunch Program)

Scholarship Policies – Please read carefully:

  • Scholarship recipients have 10 business days to accept the scholarship and register after receiving the award letter. After 10 days, the scholarship will be awarded to another participant.
  • The amount awarded for each scholarship is determined based on a sliding scale dependent on need, but all families will be responsible to pay a minimum of $44 (this amount covers the course materials).
  • Scholarship recipients may not select a class with a waitlist. The seat must be available at the time of registration. Additionally, scholarships will not be awarded retroactively. Please do not register for a class hoping to receive a scholarship in the future.
  • Scholarship recipients are required to complete a pre and post camp surveys, and maybe asked to participate in Test Prep’s marketing and promotional materials.
  • Test Prep Scholarships may be retracted at any time due to unresponsiveness of participant or parent/guardian.
  • Test Prep Program policies and procedures apply to scholarship recipients, including the drop and refund policy.
  • An application is required for each individual child (Multi-child families MUST submit multiple application, but may submit just one set of financial records.)
  • Scholarships are awarded per semester and are not guaranteed to every applicant.

Submitting Paperwork:

Please complete the online scholarship application before submitting any paperwork. To submit the letter of recommendation, verification of income, or any other paperwork, you can do any of the following:

  • Email a photocopy, or a clear photograph where the signature and text are fully visible to
  • Mail to:

    Attn: April Wilson
    Test Prep University of Utah
    540 S. Arapeen Drive #210
    Salt Lake City, Utah 84108

  • Drop off in person to the Test Prep office, at The Continuing Education Building, 540 S. Arapeen Drive #210. (If you would like to drop off paperwork in person, please call 801-585-7880 in advance to let the office know you are planning to stop by.)

For any questions, please contact April Wilson at, or call 801-585-7880.


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