Supervisory Leadership Program

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As a manager or supervisor, you are already a leader in your organization – and embracing this leadership role will improve the success of your team, as well as help you grow and develop professionally. Whether you’re already leading a team or are preparing for the role, or even if you want to improve your leadership as a team member, this program will provide you with the groundwork for a lifetime of leadership. You’ll leave this program with a strong sense of your personal leadership style, as well as a toolkit of communication techniques, strategies for understanding and motivating your team, and conflict resolution skills that you can apply within your team and beyond.

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Class Details

Schedule: The program is generally offered each semester, Thursdays from 9 am – 4 pm. The program generally meets synchronously online, using Canvas and Zoom. At times, it may also be offered onsite.

Tuition Information:

  • Tuition is due at registration. Tuition for the cohort section is due upon registration, while tuition for the a la carte section is due at the beginning of each course.
  • Financial aid is not available for this noncredit program. Students are encouraged to inquire with their employers to determine if tuition assistance is available.
  • Find out about the Professional Education Tuition Installment Plan and other payment options
  • *Tuition listed above is for the 2021-2022 academic year, and subject to change without advance notice.


    When the program is held in person, it will usually be scheduled at:

    University of Utah Sandy Center
    One Sandy Center 10011 Centennial Pkwy, Suite 100
    Sandy, UT


    This program is entry-level, with no prerequisites. Enroll in the program and participate in each weekly session to complete it.

    Total Hours of Instruction: 36

    Required Courses:

  • PROED 442 Develop Your Leadership Style
  • PROED 403 Building Teams of Trust, Collaboration, and Results
  • PROED 404 Leading from a Position of Limited Power
  • PROED 439 Managing Generational Diversity
  • PROED 303 Conflict Resolution in the Workplace.
  • PROED 415 Feedback, Expectations, and Delegation for Effective Managers
  • Benefits

    Build foundational leadership skills you can use in any role.
    While this program focuses on using leadership skills in a managerial role, weekly topics are designed so that you can use what you learn to help you improve communication and organizational culture regardless of the role you hold.

    Cohort structure creates a cohesive experience.
    You’ll move through the program with a cohort of peers, using a single Canvas course that contains all of the materials you need. You will have an opportunity to network with peers and build relationships with instructors.

    Receive a digital badge upon completion of the program.
    Students will be awarded a University of Utah digital badge upon satisfactory completion of the program. Find out more about Digital Badges at the University of Utah »

    Professional Education at the University of Utah

    Phone: 801-585-1780
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    Who Should Attend

    This program explores a wide array of leadership skills, and is designed for a variety of individuals:

  • Current managers or supervisors who want to more effectively lead their team.
  • Those preparing for a managerial or supervisory role.
  • Individuals in any role who want to build their skills to lead those below, beside, and above them.