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Professional Education's On-Demand program allows you to tell us when you are interested in a class. The process is easy - when we receive enough inquiries to schedule a class, we'll let you know! And in keeping with our high level of customer service, we try our best to schedule these classes so they are convenient for you.

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Accounting & Budgeting for Non-Accounting Managers I
Accounting & Budgeting for Non-Accounting Mgrs II
Advanced Negotiation and Alternative Dispute Resolution: Skills for Resolving Business Conflicts
All About Expenses for Nonprofits
Benefits for Nonprofits
Compensation: Concepts and Principles (Comp 1)
Conducting Workplace Investigations
CPM Module 1 The Purchasing Process Exam Preparation
CPM Module 2: Supply Environment Exam Preparation
CPM Module 3: Value Enhancement Strategies Exam Preparation
Creating Excellence in Nonprofit Boards
Creative Organizations
Develop Your Social Media Marketing Strategy
Developing Leaders for Tough Economic Times
Employment Law

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