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This microcredential will help you protect your business and your rights as an employee. Upon completion of this microcredential, you will understand current laws affecting the rights employees have in the work environment and how you can comply with them. The subject is treated broadly, with a focus on the latest developments in employment law, changes in key laws, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and key labor and employee relations legislation.

We encourage Human Resources Management Program students desiring a deep-dive into employment law to concurrently enroll in this microcredential. If you choose to concurrently enroll in both programs, do not enroll in the standalone class Employment Law to fulfill your Human Resources Program requirements. Your successful completion of Employment Law within the microcredential will fulfill this requirement.

You may also register for classes individually rather than the full program.

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You have two options for registration in this microcredential:

1. Cohort registration: Register for the full microcredential with one click. With this option, you will attend a synchronous session from 9 am – 4 pm one day per week, over three consecutive weeks, at which time you will complete the microcredential.

2. la carte registration: Register for the microcredential, then take classes when they fit in your schedule over two consecutive semesters (excluding summer).

Cohort Schedule

Week 1: Employment Law. Learn what rights employees have in the work environment, which laws are triggered by company size, all about pre-employment inquiries, the definition of illegal discrimination, and, perhaps most importantly, how to guard against lawsuits and complaints.

Week 2: Advanced Employment Law. Expanding upon themes of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 examined in Week 1, this week’s session will show how companies can comply with Title VII and avoid lawsuits, including proper paperwork and investigation procedures, and how employees can effectively respond to any improper workplace conduct.

Week 3: Labor and Employee Relations. Examine key labor and employee relations legislation in-depth as you understand how to develop an appropriate relational and organizational culture, create employee involvement strategies, handle discipline and formal complaint resolution, understand union organization and collective bargaining needs and issues, and establish appropriate public sector and international employee labor relations.

Class Details

Schedule: Our classes are for everyone! You do not need to be a student of the University of Utah to take this program. There are two paths to complete this program listed below:

Cohort Registration

  • Cohorts run over 3-4 weeks depending on scheduling. Students must complete all classes within the semester of registration

Individual Class Registration

  • Register for the 3 required classes at your own pace, over the course of one year.
  • Individual classes, and their upcoming dates and formats are listed below under Upcoming Classes. If a class has already been held, or states “Notify me” it will be held again during an upcoming semester.

Schedule: Classes are offered each semester during one of the following times:

1-day classes: Weekdays from 9 am to 4 pm (with a 1-hour lunch)

Classes may be offered online, conforming to the same schedule or with a primarily asynchronous format.


  • Cohort Section: $921.00
  • A la carte section: Each class is $307/ $921.00 total upon completion

Tuition for the cohort section is due upon registration, while tuition for the a la carte section is due at the beginning of each course.

University of Utah Employee Discount Eligible.

Financial aid is not available for this noncredit program. Students are encouraged to inquire with their employers to determine if tuition assistance is available.


This microcredential is entry-level, with no prerequisites. While all students must complete the same coursework, requirements vary depending on which microcredential option you select.

Option 1: Register for the cohort section of the microcredential, then complete the 3-week microcredential with a grade of “Satisfactory” to successfully complete the program, and to earn the completion award and digital badge.

Option 2: Register for the a la carte section of the microcredential, then register for and complete the 3 required classes listed below within 2 consecutive semesters (excluding summer) with a grade of “Satisfactory” to successfully complete the program, and to earn the completion award and digital badge.

  • Employment Law
  • Advanced Employment Law
  • Labor and Employee Relations

Total Hours of Instruction: 18

Classes must be taken in order.

Please note:
Because Employment Law is a required course in our Human Resources Management Program, if you are currently enrolled in or have successfully completed this program within the last two years, you only need to take 2 classes to complete the microcredential.

  • If you are concurrently enrolled in our Human Resources Management Program and the cohort version of this microcredential, do not enroll in the standalone class Employment Law. Completion of the first week of this microcredential fulfills the Employment Law requirement of the Human Resources Management Program.
  • While we cannot retroactively award this microcredential, we can apply up to 2 of the above classes you have taken over the last three consecutive semesters to this microcredential. If you have already completed coursework for the microcredential, enroll in the a la carte section.


Complete the microcredential in three weeks.
Classes are scheduled on consecutive weeks, so you can complete the microcredential in only three weeks.

Keep abreast of current laws that affect your workplace.
Classes are regularly refreshed to incorporate any new laws or updates that may affect you and your employees.

Receive a digital badge.
Students will be awarded a University of Utah digital badge upon satisfactory completion of all required courses. Find out more about Digital Badges at the University of Utah »

Who Should Attend

This microcredential is ideal for anyone who wants to gain a comprehensive understanding of employment law. It is especially useful for the following individuals

  • Small business owners
  • Those currently working in a human resources role, or with human resources duties
  • Employees who want to understand how laws may affect them

No prior knowledge of employment law or experience in human resources is required

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Advanced Employment Law 11/09/2023
Labor and Employee Relations 11/16/2023