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Class Title Semester Date(s) Location Program
Tax-Advantaged Investments and Income Fall 10/22/24 - 10/29/24 UUCE 120 Lifelong Learning
Zero-Proof Autumn Cocktails Fall 10/23/24 SLC UT Lifelong Learning
Creating Believable People Fall 10/23/24 - 10/30/24 UUCE 132 Lifelong Learning
Discover the Campania Wine Region of Italy Fall 10/24/24 SLC UT Lifelong Learning
Mediterranean Kitchen Series: Greek Meze Madness Fall 10/24/24 SLC UT Lifelong Learning
Beginning Banjo Fall 10/24/24 - 11/21/24 UUCE 160 Lifelong Learning
Labor and Employee Relations Fall 10/24/24 SANDY 202 Professional Education
Building Teams of Trust, Collaboration, and Results Fall Online, Starting: 10/24/24 Online Professional Education
Jewelry Make and Take: Bolo Tie Fall 10/26/24 SLC UT Lifelong Learning
How to Make Heavenly Curds, Custard, and Mousse Fall 10/26/24 UUCE 152 Lifelong Learning
Air Plants: An Introduction Fall 10/26/24 UUCE 138 Lifelong Learning
Beginning Sewing III: Quilt-to-Jacket Thrift Flip Fall 10/28/24 - 11/11/24 SLC UT Lifelong Learning
Develop Your Photographic Eye Fall 10/29/24 - 11/19/24 UUCE 146 Lifelong Learning
Advanced Employment Law Fall 10/29/24 SANDY 202 Professional Education
Natural Light Portrait Photography Fall 10/30/24 - 11/20/24 UUCE 146 Lifelong Learning