UHealth Pharmacy Technician Program (Online)

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In less than a year, you can be onto a successful new career as a pharmacy technician and University of Utah Healthcare will help you pay for it!

At no cost, we will sponsor you to complete an online pharmacy technician-training program, and by sponsor, we mean pay for full tuition fee.

This online Pharmacy Technician (ASHP/ACPE) certificate covers: Pharmacology, Pharmacy law, regulations and standards, Business of a pharmacy (both retail and hospital), Prescriptions, Pharmaceutical Calculations, Nonsterile Compounding, and more.

This externship program focuses on helping students gain the skills needed to pass the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) Exam and start working upon graduation. This program uses images, videos, simulations and interactive games to assist with learning the material and developing the necessary skills.

This program includes 400 hours of online curriculum, and externship incorporating at least 180 hours of outpatient and inpatient pharmacy work. Tuition includes exam voucher.

Really... at no cost? Here's how University of Utah Healthcare will help you!

  • Qualified sponsorship applicants can receive a full tuition credit for the program.

While in the Pharmacy Technician Certification Sponsorship Program we highly encourage you to work part time/ full time as a Pharmacy Technician Trainee with University of Utah Health systems.

Applicants interested in applying for the Pharmacy Technician Trainee Position at the University of Utah Healthcare will have the opportunity to apply what they are learning while they work. Upon enrollment of the training program we will assist you in completing the State of Utah, Department of Commerce Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing Pharmacy Technician Trainee License Application and pay your processing fee. Once you obtain your Pharmacy Technician Trainee License you may apply for the Pharmacy Technician Trainee Position.

We are pleased to offer this sponsorship opportunity to anyone. Please review the following program requirements for applicants interested in sponsorship:

  • Sponsored applicants must have a clear background check.
  • Sponsor applicants must settle all balances dues to the University of Utah prior to enrollment in the program.
  • Sponsored applicants are expected to complete the program within 9 months but no later than one year, with satisfactory scores on all modules.
  • If a sponsored applicant fails to complete the program within the designated time, or fails to maintain any of the requirements of the sponsorship contract, they will not qualify for an interview for a pharmacy technician vaccancy.
  • Sponsored applicants will receive an official job interview(s) with U of U Health pharmacy departments after graduation. Employees must apply for current job openings and agree to a one-year organizational commitment to U of U Health after job placement.
  • Job placement will be preferred after program completion, but not guaranteed by U of U Health. (U of U Health may opt out of hiring sponsored employees.)
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