Professional Education Drop, Refund, Attendance and Grading Policies
Professional Education


Courses with scheduled meetings, whether in-person or online, have an attendance requirement expecting students to be engaged for the full length of the class or program. Students taking classes or programs in which instructors have different attendance expectations will be notified in advance of the first class.

  • This policy does not apply to online courses when progression is self-paced.
  • This policy does not apply to PEPEC courses when taken as part of an Academic Partnership Certificate in which courses are cross listed with for-credit classes. Students taking PEPEC courses should consult the class syllabus for attendance and grading policies.


All Professional Education classes and programs are graded on a S-Satisfactory or U-Unsatisfactory basis. This applies to all courses or programs with the following subject codes: PROEA, PROED, PEPEC, EDTEC, PROTA.

Students will earn one of three possible grades:
    • An S grade means you have fulfilled the course requirements.
    • A U grade means you have not met the course requirements to earn an S
    • An EU is a possible alternative to a “U” under the following circumstances:
      • Student did not drop the class in accordance to the ProEd drop policy. This includes students who “no-show” for the class.
      • The student did not attend the full class as required to earn an S grade

If you’re unable to attend or complete the course on time due to a permanent or temporary disability, contact the Disability Services Office to discuss needs and potential accommodations.


We understand that some circumstances may prevent you from attending your scheduled courses and the following policies are in place to be as flexible as possible.

In Person and Synchronus Classes

If your class has scheduled meetings, whether in-person or online, drops are permitted up to three business days before your class begins. To drop a class, please notify us via email or voicemail. If we are not notified before the drop deadline, you will be charged for the class whether you attend or not. You may choose to transfer to another section of the class instead of dropping it but advance notification is required as above. Note exceptions to these policies for the programs listed below.


If you have contacted Professional Education about your situation and have been unable to reach a satisfactory solution, you may submit a petition for exception. An exception to University policy is warranted in cases involving unusual or extenuating circumstances. For example: a death in the immediate family, life threatening situations, medical reasons, University error, Military leave, etc. Ignorance of University procedures and deadlines does not constitute justification for exception to policy. Students who have incurred penalty fees as a result of neglect, will be responsible for those fees, e.g. cost of collections, late fees, etc. Petitions for exception must be received within the semester in which the class took place.

Petition process – Submit a statement about your situation to Statement should include the class, class dates, your situation, desired remedy and any previous contacts to resolve the situation.


Bootcamps, including

  • Part-Time Coding Bootcamps
  • Part-Time Cybersecurity Bootcamps
  • Part-Time UX/UI Bootcamps
  • Attendance requirements – Student may not miss more than 4 classes to complete the program successfully. Students may be able to work with program staff in regards to extenuating circumstances regarding absences.
  • Drop deadline for refund – Deadline to drop with a full refund ( including the deposit) is 7 days after the start of the program.
  • Grading: Requirements to receive an "S" (satisfactory grade)
    1. submission of 100% of projects
    2. passing assessment on final project
    3. complete 90% of homework assignments

See more detailed information in your specific program welcome communication.

All Healthcare Programs

Students may withdraw from the program for any reason within 14 days after the date you first receive access to online program materials, which is the date of the email sent to you containing your password and login for the online program. If for any reason, you withdraw after the initial 14-day review period, you are not released from your obligation to pay the program fees in full and you are not entitled to any refund.

See more detailed information in your specific program welcome communications.

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