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General Information

The Office of Professional Education at The University of Utah is dedicated to meeting the educational, training, and development needs of Utah's business, nonprofit, governmental, and higher education communities.

Through seminars and workshops on today's most crucial issues, Professional Education helps businesses, government, and non-profits organize, operate, and manage their organizations more effectively. We focus on the human side of management. Drawing on the expertise of U of U faculty, practicing professionals, and experienced trainers, Professional Education helps workgroups, individuals, and organizations compete in tomorrow's marketplace through education and training today. We prepare you to adapt to constantly changing ways of doing things.

Professional Education focuses its training on meeting the needs of its students. We have exceptional programs in management and leadership, human resources and benefits, and a wide variety of other areas, emphasizing practical and applicable education and skills you can use immediately. U of U Professional Education has, over the past 20 years, helped thousands of individuals acquire practical training to complement academic study. Others have used the knowledge they have gained to qualify for a new job, stay up-to-date with new developments in their field, justify a promotion, or explore a new career. For further information on all of our offerings call 801-585-1780.

No previous college experience is required to enroll. All scheduled classes are open to the public. Professional Education classes are non-credit.

Certificate courses and programs provide each student an Official University of Utah Certificate of Completion. Courses do appear on students' official University of Utah transcripts.

Many national, state, and local licensing boards and professional organizations will grant continuing education credit for attendance at our seminars, classes, and workshops upon receipt of the course outline and your Certificate of Completion. Please contact your licensing board or organization to find out requirement details.

It's easy! Register on the web (follow the "Add to Cart" link on the class detail page), by phone at 801-585-1780.

Payments can be made by credit card (Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover), personal check, or company purchase order. Confirmation of enrollment will be emailed.

Professional Education offers a program called "On-Demand." This program allows you to tell us what topics you are interested in. Simply proceed through the selected topic on the webpage and fill out the On-Demand form. Or, if you can't find the course or topic, you can email us at or call us at 801-585-1780.

You may be added to Professional Education's email list or regular mailing list. Please call 801-585-1780 or email to request to be added to either or both lists. Sign up online to receive our e-mails.

All students, staff, faculty, and guests of the University of Utah have access to the services available through the Center for Disability and Access. You can schedule an intake appointment directly with them, and to review their services. You will be matched with an advisor who will work with you to gather the necessary documentation, and who will help tailor your accommodations to ensure you have the most support possible. Please note that there can be a wait for an initial intake appointment, so schedule as soon as you can. Virtual appointments are available.

Call Professional Education at 801-585-1780 for more information on our programs, or submit your questions by using our web form.

Customized to your needs

Many companies use U of U Professional Education as an extension of their own training departments and for specialized training not currently available to their employees. Some companies rely on Professional Education to meet all their training needs.

In addition, individuals select those courses that best fit their personal career enhancement goals. Our courses offer practical and applicable education, and are taught by professionals who "practice what they teach." They offer up-to-date presentations of the latest trends and skills, including many desktop applications used in business and industry.

Absolutely! Customized education to meet a company's or organization's specific educational and training needs is always available. Choose from any of our regular courses or let us work with you to design one to fit your unique situation.

Yes, Professional Education pulls from a myriad of experts in their fields who may also provide you with consulting services. These consulting services can help you put some extra brainpower where you need it such as on opportunities that you want to take advantage of but lack the resources or on challenges that you may be struggling with. We also offer coaching services for managers and leaders who would like one-on-one assessments and help developing individual action plans.

Many employees take charge of their own career growth and development by enrolling in our courses directly. Be sure to ask your employer about its tuition reimbursement program. Other participants have been selected by their companies for specialized training not currently offered by their own training departments.

Other Miscellaneous Questions

If you are a benefits-eligible University of Utah employee with more than six months of employment, you may use your 50% tuition reduction for some Professional Education classes. Contact the Benefits Office at 801-581-7447 with questions about your employee eligibility. NOTE: Not all classes are eligible for the benefit. Classes not eligible will be indicated in the class note. If you have any questions about eligible classes, please contact our help desk at 801-581-6461.

You must complete the online Tuition Reduction Application, which may be found at the U of U HR Tuition Reduction page. This form only needs to be completed once per semester.

Employees must fill out one form for each term in which they want to take classes; the form does not carry over from term to term. Special fees attached to a class are not included in tuition reduction and must be paid in full. Please contact Continuing Education at 801-581-6461 for clarification of class tuition and special fees if needed.

If you are a benefits-eligible employee with more than one year of employment, your spouse may use your tuition reduction benefit for some (not all) Professional Education classes. A Tuition Reduction Application must be completed and may be found at the U of U HR Tuition Reduction page. Contact the Benefits Office at 801-581-7447 with questions about your eligibility. If you have any questions about eligible classes, please contact our help desk at 801-581-6461.
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