Bronze Clay Jewelry: An Introduction
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Bronze evokes images of antiquity -- when artisans formed magnificent jewelry thousands of years ago. A modern version, bronze metal clay, can be formed like ceramic clay. It is then fired in a small kiln to create durable jewelry. In the first session of this introductory class, you'll become familiar with working with bronze metal clay. It can be stamped, pressed into silicon molds, or impressed with natural or household objects to create unique patterns and designs. With the metal clay provided, you can make one or more pendants, earrings, and/or several bracelet charms. Learn finishing techniques in the second session and craft your bronze elements into wearable creations.

This course is part of the Jewelry Maker Series
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Class Sections For Bronze Clay Jewelry: An Introduction (LLCFT 241)

Fall 2022 Section 1, Starting on: 10/22/2022

This class takes place in person at the University Connected Learning and Continuing Education building (540 Arapeen Drive, SLC). Special fee is for bronze clay and jewelry-making materials. Class is limited to 12. Please view the University of Utah's current Covid guidelines for attending classes at

Date(s) Day Time Location
10/22/22 - 10/29/22 S 10:30 am -1:30 pm UUCE 138
Tuition: $99.00 + Special Fee: $15.00 = $114.00      

Instructor: CAROL AVERY

Registration for this class will close on 10/15/2022 at midnight


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Questions? Call Lifelong Learning at 801-587-5433 or use our online form.

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