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Rory [Haglund] did a great job of making a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere where we felt like we could make mistakes and try speaking Spanish. I loved connecting with people and really enjoyed the class!" - Alison R.

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Class Title Date(s)
Conversational French I 9/07/22 - 10/12/22
Conversational French II 10/19/22 - 11/30/22
Conversational Italian I 9/08/22 - 10/13/22
Conversational Italian II 10/27/22 - 12/08/22
French for Travelers 10/11/22 - 11/15/22
Japanese for Travelers 10/12/22 - 11/16/22
Mandarin Chinese I 10/18/22 - 11/22/22
Mandarin Chinese II 10/13/22 - 11/17/22

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