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The instructor (Lisha Guo) is obviously very dedicated to her craft and very enthusiastic about education. She manages to help her students focus on the details of vocabulary and pronunciation, helping us build a solid foundation for learning the language, and at the same time is able to make the learning process fun. A great learning experience! – John M., Mandarin Chinese


Prepare for travel abroad or gain confidence for everyday communication.
Class Title Date(s)
Basic Spanish I 9/18/17 - 10/23/17
Conversational French II 11/01/17 - 12/13/17
Conversational Italian II 11/01/17 - 12/13/17
Conversational Spanish I 9/18/17 - 10/23/17
Conversational Spanish II 11/06/17 - 12/11/17
Mandarin Chinese I 9/19/17 - 11/14/17

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