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We loved this class with Jason Cox! We are repeat students of Italian II...We were so pleased with this session and enjoyed reviewing important concepts and also learning plenty of new material that certainly made our repeated class well worth it. Jason prepared a lot of great interactive material for us and always had more than enough content to keep us engaged and busy up until the very last minute of class...Thanks for a great class, Jason! Grazie mille..." - Krista V, Conversational Italian II

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Class Title Date(s)
Beginning German 5/29/24 - 6/26/24
Beginning German I 8/21/24 - 9/11/24
Beginning German II 9/25/24 - 10/23/24
Conversational German 10/30/24 - 11/20/24
Conversational Italian I 8/20/24 - 10/01/24
Conversational Italian II 10/15/24 - 11/26/24
Mandarin Chinese I 8/27/24 - 10/01/24
Spanish I: A Language and Culture Classroom Experience 10/14/24 - 12/02/24

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