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Lifelong Learning Language Classes


This class was unlike any other French class I have taken previously as it focused on pronunciation. It made us feel more comfortable saying words and not looking too much like a fool. I liked how Catherine taught how to say useful phrases and then how we were immediately challenged to say them with a partner or with the class. - Carolyn L - Conversational French I


┬íLa vida es una aventura – vamos a ir! Prepare for travel abroad or gain confidence for everyday communication in a fun and engaging atmosphere.

Class Title Date(s)
Conversational French I 6/21/17 - 7/26/17
Conversational French II 3/08/17 - 4/12/17
Conversational Italian I 5/24/17 - 6/28/17
Conversational Spanish I 5/15/17 - 6/26/17
Conversational Spanish I - Condensed 7/31/17 - 8/16/17
Conversational Spanish II 3/23/17 - 4/27/17
French for Travelers Multiple
Italian for Travelers 3/21/17 - 4/11/17
Japanese for Travelers 3/23/17 - 4/27/17
Mandarin Chinese I 3/09/17 - 4/27/17
Spanish for Travelers 3/21/17 - 4/25/17

CAN'T FIND WHAT YOU'RE LOOKING FOR? This list of our past classes includes a form you can fill out to be notified when the class runs again.

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