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Joachim [Dreier] is a great instructor, very engaging and creates a fun environment. He teaches material that is applicable for beginners looking to travel to Germany. I like how he mixed lecture-style material with partner exercises...the class flew by. This class really helped me feel more confident in understanding when being spoken to as well as the confidence to speak! I'm excited to see what other German classes will be offered by Joachim!" - Kristen T.

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Class Title Date(s)
A Crash Course in Speaking Spanish 3/05/24 - 4/09/24
Beginning German 2/21/24 - 3/27/24
Conversational French I 1/17/24 - 2/21/24
Conversational French II 3/13/24 - 4/17/24
Conversational Italian I 1/23/24 - 2/27/24
Conversational Italian II 3/12/24 - 4/23/24
Conversational Spanish I Multiple
Japanese for Travelers 1/17/24 - 2/21/24

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