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[TJ Taylor] was great at providing solid mechanics to employ and practice, with live coaching of our own material. He had a wealth of anecdotes as well as caution about the stand-up business. He was fun and kind and made the class feel comfortable." - Jesse P.

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Class Title Date(s)
Australian Didgeridoo: Playing and Culture 9/12/22 - 10/17/22
Beginning Guitar I 10/11/22 - 11/22/22
Beginning Guitar II 10/11/22 - 11/22/22
Beginning Mandolin 10/27/22 - 12/08/22
Classic Rock Rhythm Guitar 10/24/22 - 11/28/22
Comedy is a Joke: An Introduction to Stand-Up 10/01/22 - 10/15/22
Flamenco Dance: An Introduction 9/10/22 - 10/08/22
Improv Comedy Workshop 9/07/22 - 9/28/22
Intermediate Improv Comedy: Longform 10/05/22 - 10/26/22
Voice Acting: An Introduction 11/03/22 - 12/01/22

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