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This class was excellent, the instructor was professional and knowledgeable, I learned so much and I had so much fun. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who enjoys the Spanish language and is interested in broadening their speaking skills." - Alejandra C, Una Introduccion a la Actuacion de Voz

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Class Title Date(s)
Australian Didgeridoo: Introductory Workshop 11/18/24
Beginning Banjo 10/24/24 - 11/21/24
Beginning Guitar I Multiple
Beginning Guitar II 10/14/24 - 11/11/24
Beginning Mandolin 9/05/24 - 10/03/24
Beginning Podcast Bootcamp 10/14/24 - 11/04/24
Beginning Singing Skills and Techniques 11/06/24 - 11/27/24
Burlesque Basics: Reveal Your Fabulous Self 9/07/24 - 9/28/24
Flamenco Appreciation Workshop 7/20/24
Flamenco Dance: An Introduction 9/07/24 - 9/28/24
Improv Comedy: Stage Ready 10/16/24 - 11/06/24
Improv Comedy: The Essentials 8/28/24 - 10/02/24

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