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Michelle [Ortega] is an experienced professional and a fantastic teacher. She had a clear plan in place for our learning, and she stuck to the plan to ensure that we walked away with exactly what we were meant to. She was caring, welcoming, and very encouraging. If she taught another class, I'd take it!" - Kelsey T.

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Class Title Date(s)
Beginning Guitar I 6/03/24 - 7/01/24
Beginning Guitar II 2/26/24 - 3/18/24
Beginning Mandolin 3/20/24 - 4/24/24
Beginning Podcast Bootcamp 4/01/24 - 4/22/24
Beginning Singing Skills and Techniques 5/15/24 - 6/05/24
Classic Rock Rhythm Guitar 4/08/24 - 4/29/24
Flamenco Appreciation Workshop 7/20/24
Flamenco Dance: An Introduction 3/16/24 - 4/13/24
Improv Comedy Workshop I Multiple
Improv Comedy Workshop II 3/18/24 - 4/08/24
Public Speaking Workshop 6/15/24 - 6/22/24
The Art of Theatre: Production and Performance 4/08/24 - 4/15/24

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