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This class is great fun! There is laughter, opportunities to challenge yourself, and meet other people looking for a chance to perform. Clint [Erekson] is a wonderful instructor, he not only encourages everyone and participates in the fun and games, but he also shares how learning the "rules" of Improv can improve the relationships in your life." - Sandra J.

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Class Title Date(s)
Australian Didgeridoo: Introductory Workshop 6/22/23
Beginning Guitar I 5/08/23 - 6/05/23
Beginning Guitar II 6/12/23 - 7/17/23
Beginning Mandolin 5/11/23 - 6/15/23
Beginning Singing Skills and Techniques 5/17/23 - 6/07/23
Comedy is a Joke: An Introduction to Stand-Up 6/03/23 - 6/17/23
Flamenco Dance: An Introduction 6/24/23 - 7/15/23
Voice Acting: An Introduction 5/11/23 - 6/01/23

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