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Okay, I was not excited to sign up for a ZOOM class - I've had so many ZOOM meetings with work, I can barely pay attention for more than one hour - this was four hours! However, Bryan Young was so engaging and friendly and so prepared - not only did I last the full four hours, but I ended up with a synopsis and outline for a novel! Wow! Thank you Bryan." - Barbara W., Novel Writing Workshop


Everyone can write. Inspiration and guidance for writers of all abilities.
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Class Title Date(s)
9 Steps to Self-Publishing Your Book Online, Starting: 7/27/21
Creative Writing Online, Starting: 5/25/21
Creative Writing Bootcamp Online, Starting: 6/05/21
I Want to Write, Where Do I Start? Online, Starting: 7/10/21
Journaling- Nurturing a Daily Writing Practice Online, Starting: 7/19/21
Nigerian Short Stories Online, Starting: 5/11/21
Novel Writing Workshop Online, Starting: 5/22/21
Read Like a Writer Online, Starting: 7/13/21
Screenwriting Online, Starting: 6/07/21
Short Story Workshop Online, Starting: 5/15/21
Short Story Writing Online, Starting: 3/22/21
Writing Trauma Multiple

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