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This class was excellent. It was a serious academic experience with substantive reading and content. The professor [Scott Black] was extremely knowledgeable and passed along a lot of useful context and background." - Jorge C.

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Class Title Date(s)
A Study in Mystery 10/18/22 - 11/29/22
Building a Mystery: Write Your Own Murder Mystery Party 10/06/22 - 10/13/22
Building Tension: Surprise vs. Suspense 10/08/22
Creating Believable People 10/17/22 - 10/24/22
Creative Non-Fiction: Capturing Moments with Memoir 9/19/22 - 10/10/22
Creative Writing 8/30/22 - 10/04/22
Elements of Gothic Fiction 10/20/22 - 10/27/22
Horror Writing Bootcamp 10/29/22 - 11/12/22
I Want to Write, Where Do I Start? 11/05/22
Journaling: Nurturing a Daily Writing Practice 9/15/22 - 9/29/22
Outlining Your Romance Novel 11/19/22
Pitching and Querying 12/03/22

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