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Herbs for Wellness was a great class! Josh (Williams) is an energetic, enthusiastic teacher, and the course content as fascinating and practical! Thanks for offering this course! - Megan C. - Herbalism for Wellness

Healthy Living

Try something new for a healthy body & healthy mind.
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Class Title Date(s)
Being with Horses Online, Starting: 4/15/21
Homemade Lotion and Creams Online, Starting: 3/20/21
Individualize Your Yoga Practice 3/06/21 - 3/20/21
Intro to the Enneagram Online, Starting: 4/07/21
Sugar & A Healthy Diet Online, Starting: 4/13/21
The Four Noble Truths - Buddhist Principles for a Happy Life Online, Starting: 3/03/21
The Seven Relationship Unities: A Buddhist Perspective on Relationships Online, Starting: 4/27/21
Tibetan Buddhist Meditation -- An Introduction Online, Starting: 3/23/21
Women's Strength Camp Online, Starting: 2/01/21
Yoga Experiential Retreat 4/03/21

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