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Stephanie Dykes is an excellent teacher who is very well prepared. The class exceeded my expectations. It was more fun and successful than I imagined it would be. – Karl P., Linoleum Block Printing

Art Classes

Release your inner artist with pencil, pen, paint, ink or wax.
Class Title Date(s)
Beginning Drawing 11/02/17 - 12/14/17
Beginning Oil Painting 9/19/17 - 11/14/17
Beginning Watercolor Painting Multiple
Encaustic Painting on Photos 10/28/17 - 11/04/17
Mural Painting 9/23/17 - 10/28/17
Pointed Pen Calligraphy 9/18/17 - 10/23/17
Portrait Drawing 9/27/17 - 11/01/17
Public Art - What Makes a Winning Proposal 10/18/17 - 11/01/17

CAN'T FIND WHAT YOU'RE LOOKING FOR? This list of our past classes includes a form you can fill out to be notified when the class runs again.

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