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I had never tried oil painting before I took this class. The teacher [Annalee Wood] had so many fun activities, techniques and projects for us to do that immediately immersed us in painting. She always had several projects and learning experiences at each class, and I was honestly amazed at how decent my pieces started to look!" - Lauri S.

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Class Title Date(s)
Beginning Drawing for Watercolor 1/22/22 - 1/29/22
Beginning Drawing Skills and Techniques 1/25/22 - 3/01/22
Beginning Oil Painting 1/25/22 - 3/01/22
Botanical Sketching and Relief Printing 1/15/22 - 1/26/22
Chalkboard Art... Without the Chalk! 3/05/22
Color Theory and Color Mixing 101 1/22/22
DIY Acrylic Mediums and Texture 2/12/22
Drawing and Watercolor: Living Raptors 3/23/22 - 4/13/22
Folksy Florals: Illustration in Procreate 3/03/22 - 3/24/22
Fountain Pen and Ink Art 3/17/22 - 4/21/22
Gothic Hand Calligraphy 3/14/22 - 4/18/22
Light and Shade in Watercolor 2/05/22 - 3/05/22

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