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I loved this class and looked forward to it all week long! The teacher [Caro Nilsson] created such a safe environment for us to explore new ways of creating art. I learned so much and love how accessible it was so I can definitely continue to use the techniques we learned in class in my day to day!" - Kirstie L, Intuitive Painting: Exploration and Experimentation

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Class Title Date(s)
Adobe InDesign: Creating a Basic Newsletter 9/10/24 - 10/01/24
Beginning Drawing for Watercolor 9/14/24 - 9/28/24
Beginning Drawing Skills and Techniques 5/23/24 - 6/27/24
Beginning Oil Painting II 9/11/24 - 10/12/24
Beginning Watercolor Painting 6/19/24 - 7/17/24
Botanical Dyes, Pigments, and Paints 8/21/24 - 9/11/24
Color Theory and Color Mixing 101 10/05/24
Countryside Cottage Charm in Watercolor 11/07/24 - 11/14/24
Developing Your Sketchbook Practice 11/02/24 - 11/23/24
DIY Filmmaking 9/05/24 - 10/17/24
Elevating Your Art Practice with Cyanotypes 9/05/24 - 9/14/24
Expressive Charcoal Drawing Multiple

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