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Janet [Faught] was amazing. This was a perfectly paced class where I could learn and practice in real time. Perfect content for an online class." - Sarah M., Pointed Pen Calligraphy

Art Classes

Discover your inner artist with pencil, paint, pastel or ink.
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Class Title Date(s)
Add People to Your Watercolors Online, Starting: 6/29/21
Beginning Drawing Multiple
Botanical Sketching and Relief Printing 6/12/21 - 6/22/21
Chinese Calligraphy Online, Starting: 6/05/21
Chinese Papercutting Online, Starting: 7/10/21
Color Theory & Color Mixing 101 Multiple
Digital Illustration in Photoshop Online, Starting: 6/15/21
DIY Acrylic Mediums and Texture 6/26/21
Explorations in Sketchbook & Journaling Online, Starting: 6/29/21
Gothic Hand Calligraphy Online, Starting: 5/19/21
How to Carve a Woodblock Print 5/22/21
Illustration Workshop Online, Starting: 7/10/21

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