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I loved this class! I've decorated sugar cookies before with friends, but this was so well organized. I loved learning the different techniques of frosting to make various textures. I thought the designs Morgan (Smith) chose were simple enough for a beginner, but still had a few flourishes that were fun to learn as an intermediate decorator. She gave a lot of helpful tips and tricks too! - Courtney C. - Sugar Cookie Decorating

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Class Title Date(s)
American Gin Online, Starting: 11/18/20
Cake Decorating - Trends and Essentials Online, Starting: 10/17/20
Discover and Taste the Wines of Languedoc, France Online, Starting: 10/08/20
Discover and Taste the Wines of Rioja, Spain Online, Starting: 10/29/20
Discover and Taste the Wines of Tuscany, Italy Online, Starting: 10/01/20
Food Truck 101 Online, Starting: 9/26/20
How to Brew Beer Online, Starting: 11/21/20
Lunch Cooking Club with Spice Kitchen Incubator Online, Starting: 10/17/20
Mediterranean and Egyptian Dishes: A Healthy Cooking Class Online, Starting: 11/21/20
Scotch for the Sophisticate Online, Starting: 9/24/20
The Old Fashioned Cocktail Series Online, Starting: 11/12/20
Whiskies of the World Online, Starting: 10/22/20

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