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Jan [Harris-Smith] is a knowledgeable instructor and a wonderful person. It is a really fun class and gives you a great foundation for those wanting to start metalsmithing. Stay clear of this class if you do not want to start a new addiction! It will be your new favorite hobby." - Brandie K.

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Class Title Date(s)
Alterations and Repairs: Make Your Closet Go Further 3/05/22 - 3/19/22
Beginning Floral Embroidery 4/12/22 - 4/26/22
Beginning Woodworking 2/05/22 - 2/26/22
Blacksmithing: An Introduction Multiple
Blacksmithing: Intermediate 3/23/22 - 4/27/22
Blacksmithing: Laminated Steel Workshop 3/24/22 - 4/28/22
Copper Clay Jewelry: An Introduction 3/05/22 - 3/12/22
Coptic Bookbinding: An Introduction 4/20/22 - 4/27/22
Create Your Own Shadow Box Painting 2/09/22 - 2/16/22
Fabric Design Using Procreate 2/01/22 - 2/22/22
Hand-Built Ceramic Mug 2/26/22 - 3/12/22
Handwoven Earrings: Seed Beads and Color 1/18/22 - 1/25/22

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