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Neil knew his subject well and presented it in a logical progression that was entertaining. While not a complete novice, the background material was a good refresher and the new information exactly what I was looking forward to.
Digital Photography: An Introduction student, Summer 2017

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The Certificate of Digital Photography allows amateur photographers to hone their technical skills as the means to free their creative vision and establish their aesthetic viewpoint. Certificate enrollees will better understand how to operate their cameras, how to use photo editing software to streamline their digital workflow, and how to create a portfolio of images that may be used as an album for home enjoyment or as a potential tool for obtaining photographic work for pay. Thanks to partnerships with photographers around the Valley, students will get hands-on experience with studio equipment, keep up to date with the latest technologies, and gain an understanding of the world of the professional photographer.

The Portfolio Assembly and Review course (LLART300) should be the final class taken for completion of the Certificate. In addition to required classes, students need to take 2 electives. There is a three year time limit to complete certificate. Certificate students pay a $25 registration fee to cover administrative costs.

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You do not have to be enrolled in a certificate program to take a class. Everyone is welcome in our certificate courses!

Required Classes

Class Title Start Date(s)
Develop Your Photographic Eye (LLART 245) 10/11
Digital Photography II (LLART 131) 10/30
Digital Photography: An Introduction (LLART 115) 9/19, 9/25
Digital Printing (LLART 275) Notify me!
Introduction to Studio Lighting (LLART 174) 10/09
Natural Light Portrait Photography (LLART 94) Notify me!
Photoshop for Photographers (LLART 286) 9/10
Portfolio Assembly and Review (LLART 300) Notify me!

Elective Classes (2 required)

Class Title Start Date(s)
Copyright and Intellectual Property Issues for Photographers (LLART 290) Notify me!
Explorations in Abstract Photography (LLART 243) Notify me!
Historical Photographic Processes in a Contemporary World (LLART 302) 10/03
Introduction to Lightroom (LLART 297) 10/18
Night Sky Photography (LLART 146) Notify me!
Outdoor Photography: Boot and Shoot (LLART 180) Notify me!
Photographing Flowers Outdoors (LLART 250) Notify me!
Photographing Portraits with Personality (LLART 295) 9/13
Photographing Youth Sports (LLART 289) Notify me!
Product Photography - An Introduction (LLART 282) Notify me!
Visual Storytelling through Photographs (LLART 296) 9/12
Winter Landscape Photography (LLART 291) Notify me!
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