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The instructor, Margaret Ruth, has an engaging style of teaching and way of sharing her experience and knowledge. The handouts were helpful, and she invited dialogue throughout each session. Not to mention she has a good sense of humor! - Kathy R. - Reading the Tarot


Unique classes for a variety of interests.
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Class Title Date(s)
Back Roads Utah Online, Starting: 3/16/21
History of Racism in the United States of America Online, Starting: 3/24/21
Income Inequality after 2008 and Its Impact on American Society Online, Starting: 2/23/21
Introduction to African Studies Online, Starting: 3/04/21
Introduction to Podcasting Online, Starting: 2/02/21
Let's Talk About Race Online, Starting: 1/25/21
Migrating Birds of Utah Auto Tour 5/01/21
Rock Art Hot Spots Online, Starting: 3/13/21

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