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Membership in the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute is required to register for Osher classes. If you are unsure about your membership status, call us at 801-581-6461. If you are new to Osher, follow the Membership link at the right to learn more about membership.

Do you love Osher and want to give back to this wonderful program by serving as a volunteer? We would love to have you! We are currently seeking volunteers to serve as Osher Ambassadors to help greet and direct people at our annual open house at Red Butte Garden in August, annual member luncheon at Little America Hotel in December, and our Spring Fling held on campus in early March. Osher Ambassadors will help staff with various tasks at these big events and also help host free special events throughout the year, attending as an Osher member who gathers the group at the designated meeting spot, takes roll, and communicates with staff afterwards. During our four terms, Osher Ambassadors can also help instructors by taking roll in classes and reading announcements each week before class begins, as well as directing members to our complimentary coffee and tea service and their classrooms during the "first week of school" when Osher members are trying to find the way to their new class. This is a low effort but high impact and fun way to get involved. You can sign up to help at as many or as few events or classes as your schedule allows. Join us to learn more about this opportunity in a fun, free class session.

Questions? Call Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at 801-581-6461 or use our online form.

Class Sections For Osher Ambassadors (OSHER 76)

Summer 2024 Section 1, Starting on: 08/01/2024

Date(s) Day Time Location
08/01/24 Th 11:30 am -12:30 pm UUCE 232
Tuition: $0.00      

Instructor: Staff

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Questions? Call Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at 801-581-6461 or use our online form.

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