Osher Special Events

Osher Special Events provide a way for members to learn about our surrounding community and to stay connected when classes are not in session. Four Osher Special Events are included in the basic membership per term. RSVP's are required, and can be done by selecting your desired event below.

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Special Event Term Date(s)
Hogle Zoo Tour Spring 2019 05/21
West Side Story - Student Matinee Summer 2019 05/21
Department of Environmental Quality - Landfill Tour Spring 2019 05/22
Gilgal Sculpture Garden Tour Spring 2019 05/22
Adult Detention Complex (Metro Jail) Tour Spring 2019 05/28
Department of Environmental Quality - Sewage Treatment Tour Spring 2019 05/29
Peace of Mind Meditation Chapel Spring 2019 05/31
Utah Media Group Production Facility Tour Spring 2019 05/31

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