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Announcing Osher Stories - Our New Podcast!

In celebration of our 20th Anniversary, we are collecting recorded interviews with Osher members, instructors, and volunteers as they share their experiences and describe what this wonderful program has meant to them in their lives. Our goal is to share 20 stories with our membership and with people "age 50 or better" in the community who may be looking for something new at this stage of life. Listen in as members tell us about how they first found out about Osher, friendships they have formed here, what favorite classes and instructors have been, and unique perspectives about how learning and curiosity never retire!

Host: Julie Myers, Osher member and 20th Anniversary Committee Volunteer

Series 1

  • Episode 1 - Julie Myers
    Julie Myers shares her commitment to her parents and their joyous journey through Osher classes and events.
    Duration: 24:04
  • Episode 2 - David Anson
    David Anson talks about his renewed interest in Geology, and exploring new frontiers into art history and film. All this he credits to Osher classes.
    Duration: 19:30
  • Episode 3 - SIGS or Shared Interest Groups
    Covid-isolated online Osher friends recollect their three-year relationship sharing Zoom squares and virtual hugs; continuing today with their weekly investigation of current issues and events.
    Duration: 32:06
  • Episode 4 - David Hibdon
    David Hibdon tells of his earliest Osher classes, the teachers that have further challenged his curiosity, and his pursuit to learn and understand.
    Duration: 23:49
  • Episode 5- Hiking SIG
    Hiking through rain, bugs, and dust, intrepid Osher adventurers find camaraderie in Utah’s mountains, lakes, rivers, and deserts. They unanimously agree that “it’s all about the snacks.”
    Duration: 30:02

Series 2

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