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Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

Faculty bring passion about their work to the classroom and take pleasure in sharing it with a group of engaged, mature adults. Many return to teach with us again and again. The faculty is drawn from the University of Utah faculty, both active and emeritus, as well as community experts. Osher classes are non-credit with no tests or grades, which minimizes outside class work for both student and instructor. Students do not expect to do homework, but many enjoy some outside reading to enhance the classroom experience. Many instructors say this is the best type of teaching – no grading and no committee work.

The Osher Institute, a program of Continuing Education at the University of Utah since 2004, is part of a national program of lifelong learners age 50 plus. For more information about the Bernard Osher Foundation, follow this link.

Class Times, Location, and Duration

Most daytime classes meet for 1.5 hours, once a week for 6 weeks, between 9:00 AM and 7:00 PM, but other meeting patterns will be considered. Most classes are held at the Commander's House in Fort Douglas. Other University or community locations are used as needed. The specific location will be selected based on the needs of the class, and the preferences of the members and instructor.

Curriculum Selection

The curriculum for each term is selected by a volunteer committee of Osher Institute members and staff. The primary criteria for selection are: anticipated member interest, overall balance of curriculum offerings, instructor qualifications, schedule and space availability, and our program's financial constraints. Final decisions about your course proposal will be communicated to you by a member of our staff.


The University of Utah's Osher Institute values the contributions of its instructors, and that includes offering an optional honorarium for the teaching they do. Two options are available: a monetary honorarium or a gift certificate for Osher memberships and courses. Some instructors choose to waive their honorarium and consider their work to be a community service or outreach for their organization. Osher members appreciate any such consideration, as it allows us to bring the quality programming that makes Osher so special and the benefits of lifelong learning to more of Utah's 50 and over population. Many Osher members donate their time similarly by serving on committees, facilitating classes, etc.

Class Materials

You are welcome to use the copiers in the Annex near the Osher offices or you can make arrangements with your volunteer class assistant to copy class materials. Instructors can provide class materials and will be reimbursed for the costs up to the special fee collected. Please be sure to specify in the proposal any special fee needed to cover the cost of materials.

Please contact the Osher staff (801-585-5442) or your Curriculum Committee representative if you have further questions regarding the program. We hope you will consider submitting a proposal.

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