Policies & Frequently Asked Questions
Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

Registration and RSVP requests are processed as they arrive in the office or online. If a class or event you request is full your name will be placed on the wait list. Registration status (confirmed or wait listed) will be noted on your confirmation. You can add classes up until the end of the first week of classes. You can drop classes right up until 4 days before the term starts. Your fees will be adjusted accordingly.

To determine if a class is suitable, we encourage members to attend class previews when available. If you are unsure about a course or instructor, we invite you to contact us ahead of time. We can have the instructor call you so you can get the information you need to make your decision before registering. If you still find yourself in a class you don't like, call the office so that we may identify the best option to meet your individual circumstances.

Textbooks can be purchased at your favorite bookseller or borrowed from a source of your choosing.

In most cases special fees can be waived if you do not wish to receive the materials. Please call the Osher office for assistance at 801-585-5442.

You must be registered for all classes you attend. This includes attending a different section of a class. If you would like to register, please contact the office before attending the class. You will be accommodated on a space available basis. Sitting-in on a class disrupts the experience for those Osher members who are legitimately registered for the class. Please respect your fellow members and instructors by not attending classes for which you are not registered.

Bringing guests age 50 and over to Osher is a lovely way to introduce them to our community. Members are encouraged to bring guests to Lunch and Learn Lectures. These lectures offer an opportunity to experience the more academic side of Osher while also meeting some members. There is no guest charge. Guests are welcome to sample Special Events and Interest Groups on a space available basis. Call the office four days before the event to RSVP for your guest. To reserve a space prior to that your guest may purchase a membership. Please be considerate and limit your guests to one sample per term. To attend multiple events or activities in one term your guest may purchase a membership. Guests are not permitted in classes and other activities for which there is a tuition charge. Exceptions may be made in certain circumstances only with prior approval of the director.

While classes are reserved for members, we do offer the option to attend the first meeting of a class on a trial and space available basis with permission from the Osher office. If you like the course you can register to attend the remaining sessions. Call the Osher office for availability and permission to be our guest at 801-585-5442 (option 2).

In case of severe storm conditions, please listen to your local radio station for University closure announcements or call the Osher office prior to leaving for your class. Every attempt will be made to leave a message on the main Osher line (801-585-5442) regarding closures.

RSVPs are required for all events. To ensure all members have an opportunity to attend some events, there is a four-event per member limit. The four event limit applies to the total number of events for which you are either confirmed or wait listed. Additional events may be requested 1 week in advance of the event and will be honored on a space available basis. Call the office to check availability. Many events have a wait list. If you can't attend, it is important that you call to cancel as far in advance as possible. This allows us to give someone else a chance to attend and is respectful of our hosts and fellow members. Your RSVP is nontransferable. Members on the wait list have priority for open spots and must be processed in order.
Event size is limited at the requests of our host to ensure a great experience for participants. We communicate the group size to our host in advance of the event. Please do not attend an event for which you do not have a confirmed reservation as this can place a burden on our host and is not fair to other members.

The goal of the Osher Scholarship Program is to provide opportunities for members of the community to take Osher courses when financial assistance is needed. Scholarship funding is provided through the generosity of our members. Full and partial scholarships may be awarded at the discretion of the Osher Director.

The only requirements for obtaining scholarship funds are a desire to learn, a commitment to attend the classes, an Osher membership for $40 per year, and a telephone conversation with the Osher Director. The required membership can be purchased after notification of award, either before or concurrent with course registration.

If money is a barrier to your taking classes at Osher, please consider applying for scholarship funds. Follow this link to learn more and submit an application form, or contact the Osher office at 801-585-5442. Applications are reviewed and awardees are selected by the Osher Director.

U of U faculty (including emeritus faculty) and benefits eligible staff and spouses are eligible for tuition reduction. To receive the discount, complete the required paperwork and submit to Human Resources.

What better gift could you give than lifelong learning? Call the Osher office at 801-585-5442 to purchase a gift certificate. Gifts are available in any amount you choose.

You can also give the gift of learning by donating to the Osher scholarship fund. Individual donors are making a difference in our community. Gracious friends and supporters like you and others allow us to offer a wide range of courses and programs and to bring the benefits of lifelong learning to more of Utah's 50 and over population. Go to our Support Osher page to learn more about how to add your support. You can also specify a gift when you register. Your gift will be charged to your credit card along with your membership and course fees.

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