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Big Data Analysis: The Future of Genomic Medicine


We can sequence DNA faster than ever before at increasingly lower expense, but analysis is a different story. How do you search through terabytes of genomic data with speed and reliability, especially for time-sensitive medical conditions? Are there new ways to interpret sequenced DNA, unlocking further complexity to our genetic code? What does all this mean for the future of genomic medicine and many of the common diseases humanity faces? Join Dr. Aaron Quinlan of the Center for Genomic Medicine and Utah Center for Genetic Discovery as he discusses the evolution of genomic analysis, our current strengths and limitations in the field, and how the Quinlan lab and its U colleagues are working to build a bright future for health care through new technologies and a clearer understanding of the language of DNA.

Summer 2021

07-27-2021, Tuesday

11:30 AM MDT

Location: Online via Zoom

This event has passed. To find out more about this event you may call 801-585-5442. See a list of our current events.

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