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Osher Special Events provide a way for members to learn about our surrounding community and to stay connected when classes are not in session. Four Osher Special Events are included in the basic membership per term. RSVP's are required, and can be done by selecting your desired event below.

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In-Person Event: SLC Waste Management Materials Recovery Facility

The Waste Management Materials Recovery Facility recycles 37,028 tons of mixed recyclables a year. This is a greenhouse gas reduction of 113,058 metric tons of carbon dioxide. This greenhouse gas reduction is equivalent to taking 207,078 passenger vehicles off the roadways for one year or enough electricity to power 114,975 homes for one year. After Waste Management trucks collect mixed recycling from across Salt Lake City, they're taken to the Materials Recovery Facility, or MRF for short. These multi-million dollar facilities sort and bale paper, cardboard, metals and plastic to be shipped off to customers who repurpose these into new products. Join us on a 60 minute tour of the facility and see how recyclables are sorted to be ready for shipping.

This tour requires a lot of walking and climbing stairs. The MRF will provide hard hats and really thick gloves. Please wear long pants and long sleeves or a jacket. Wear shoes that cover your toes, if you have steel toed boots please wear them. Toe covers will be provided to those who don't have steel toed boots.

Winter 2023

03-03-2023, Friday

10:00 AM

Location: SLC Waste Management Materials Recovery Facility

This event has passed. To find out more about this event you may call 801-585-5442. See a list of our current events.

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