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Osher Special Events provide a way for members to learn about our surrounding community and to stay connected when classes are not in session. Four Osher Special Events are included in the basic membership per term. RSVP's are required, and can be done by selecting your desired event below.

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In-Person Event: Chinese Railroad Worker Archaeology In Utah - What Have We Learned?


Over two years, archaeologists and the Chinese descendant community have worked to learn more about the life of Chinese railroad workers in Utah. Come and see real artifacts from excavations at Terrace, Utah. During the excavation, archaeologists encountered hundreds of artifacts from traditional Chinese medicine jars to ancient coins. Many of these have never been seen before, and this may be your last chance before they find a home in the soon-to-be-built Museum of Utah. We will share our findings and shed light on the lives of people who played a crucial role in shaping Utah's history. Learn about the challenges they faced, their contributions, and the significance of their cultural heritage.

Photo Information: Archaeologists planning their excavation at Terrace in 2021. Photograph courtesy of Steve Dudrow.

Summer 2024

05-06-2024, Monday

12:00-1:00 PM (MT)

Location: Continuing Education Bldg, 540 Arapeen Dr, SLC, 84108

This event has passed. To find out more about this event you may call 801-585-5442. See a list of our current events.

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