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By registering for this certificate, you are declaring your intention to complete the full certificate curriculum. The Professional TESOL Certificate (Teaching English to Students of Other Languages) provides the knowledge, practical experience and authoritative credential to help you successfully pursue a variety of rewarding teaching positions. Whether you are seeking a long-term career or a life-changing cultural experience, we encourage you to consider the Professional TESOL Certificate as your gateway to a universe of teaching opportunities. The Professional TESOL Certificate is offered in collaboration with the Department of Linguistics in the College of Humanities.This noncredit Professional TESOL Certificate prepares students to teach English to learners in the United States or abroad. This is a basic level program. These collaborative noncredit certificates utilize existing for-credit classes.

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Class Sections For Professional TESOL Certificate (CECRT 189)

Summer 2024 Section 1

REGISTRATION TO JOIN THIS CERTIFICATE PROGRAM IS FREE, BUT TUITION AND FEES ARE CHARGED UPON REGISTRATION FOR EACH CLASS REQUIRED TO COMPLETE THE CERTIFICATE. Students participating in this certificate will register for courses with the LINGC subject code. Classes are graded on a "satisfactory" or "unsatisfactory" basis. Students complete all exams and assignments as part of this certificate program. For more information, please visit

Tuition: $0.00      

Instructor: Staff

Registration for this class will close on 06-12-2024 at midnight


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Questions? Call Professional Education at 801-585-1780 or use our online form.

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