Managing Generational Diversity
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In light of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, Professional Education will continue to offer all classes and programs online. We will be using the platform Canvas to hold these classes. You will get access to the class Canvas page 2 business days before the class date. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via email at

Generations in the workplace are constantly changing, and with different generations come different communication styles, expectations and priorities. In this class students will learn how to manage having different generations in the work place, and how best to communicate with workers of all ages and develop team growth.

This class is part of the following Professional Education certificate programs:
Human Resources Management Program
Professional Management Program
Project Management Fundamentals Program
Supervisor Essentials Program

Questions? Call Professional Education at 801-585-1780 or use our online form.

Class Sections For Managing Generational Diversity (PROED 439)

Summer 2021 Section 1, Starting on: 05/24/2021

This is a multi-week primarily asynchronous online class, using Canvas. Most of the coursework is self-paced, supplemented by three 1-hour class meetings held via Zoom from 6-7 pm on the following Thursdays: 5/27/21, 6/17/21, and 7/1/21. The instructor will be available alternate times for students unable to attend these scheduled meetings. Once registered, students will receive an email invitation to the online class before the class begins. Students will be expected to log into Canvas and complete coursework before the first scheduled meeting. This class is part of our Human Resources Bundle, which includes the following classes: PROED 303: Conflict Resolution in the Workplace; PROED 304: Employment Law; PROED 305: Policies and Procedures for Human Resources; PROED 306: Employee Recruitment and Selections; PROED 308: Organizational Training and Development; PROED 439: Managing Generational Diversity. If you register for the full bundle, you will receive free access to PluralSight until 10/21. We will not be offering our standard HR electives over the summer. To complete your Human Resources Management Program during the summer, register for all classes in the bundle plus one of the following electives: PROEA 415: Feedback, Expectations, and Delegation for Effective Managers (Additional elective to be added as it is confirmed.)

Date(s) Day Time Location
05/24/21 - 07/02/21 Th 6:00 pm -7:00 pm TBA
Tuition: $279.00      

Instructor: Debora Stone

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Questions? Call Professional Education at 801-585-1780 or use our online form.

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