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Lifelong Learning Home & Garden Classes

home and garden

Well organized and really useful material! The instructor was informed and made the class specifically interesting to the participants. I loved being among all the beautiful plants, trees, and bushes! - Peggy S., Fall Garden Maintenance

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Home & Garden

Looking for a way to grow? In Home & Garden classes you can explore landscape design, container gardening, home repair, butchery and more, as you cultivate new skills with Lifelong Learning.

Class Title Date(s)
101 Plants to Know 4/14/16 - 10/13/16
All About Tomatoes 4/04/16
Bee Keeping Multiple
Botany for Gardeners 2/25/16 - 3/10/16
Certificate of Western Horticulture 1/07/16 - 5/08/16
Coops de Ville: How to Raise Backyard Chickens 2/24/16 - 3/09/16
D.I.Y. - Basic Repairs for Homeowners 2/22/16 - 3/14/16
Fabulous Fruit Trees 2/04/16 - 2/11/16
Follow the Wildflowers 4/20/16 - 7/27/16
Intermediate Floral Design 2/25/16 - 3/17/16
Irrigation Basics 4/21/16 - 4/28/16
Pruning 101 Workshop 3/08/16 - 3/12/16

CAN'T FIND WHAT YOU'RE LOOKING FOR? This list of our past classes includes a form you can fill out to be notified when the class runs again.

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